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We are the number one florist for funeral flowers with a creative and artistic feel. We have Mothersday flowers also. We service Dobies funeral home on Congress street, Dobies funeral home old county road 54 as well as Meadow lawn memorial gardens, Michel and Lundquist on Trouble creek, Morgans funeral home, Faupell funeral home on ridge, road and many more.   New port richey florist Make beautiful flowers for a funeral or any occasion. New port richey florist delivers flowers right to the door to ensure that they are fresh and received promptly.

New port richey florist understands the emotions and grief that you are going through and we will open our doors in the evenings and on holidays if needed for a family to have the comfort and privacy to choose the floral display for their loved one.  Every one is unique and different. New port richey florist realizes this and also will do our best to customize any arrangements for the best remembrance of the departed loved one.

We can add in special items that matter to them or family members Delivery and set up for a service is free.  We want to try to help with the over whelming task of planning while your grieving and are very competitive in prices.

We do memorial services, in home and church and out door services. Let our staff create the service and floral visual you would like to give to your loved one. Memory boards are often  used in services and memorials. We can make garlands to surround the boards to give them the personal touch, add some of the same flowers scattered on the table and a couple of candles and the room will burst with aviance  and serenity.

New port richey florist uses several types of some of the lushest greenery to give the arrangements a beautiful depth to them.  It matters what greenery is used in each piece because it can give it a totally different look and feel.

We do standing sprays , large fire side baskets and casket sprays as well as vases and pedestal pieces.  The colors can go from pastel to vibrant to monotone.  We use the higher end farm fresh flowers for all of our designs and arrangements .  New port richey can also be reached in evening times by calling any of our phone numbers because we realize some times things happen out side of the regular business hours. We offer this convenience to our funeral customers exclusively for planning purposes.

We hope you keep us in mind for all of your other occasions as well. Remember New port richey florist is a American family owned and operated business. You will always get the same people on the phone. Just ask us for a appointment time and we will make sure it is good for all your family members.

We appreciate your business and consideration for using us for all your  immediate and future floral needs as well as your friends and family.  From our family to yours, stay safe and have a very blessed day. 


Funeral flowers New port richey florist, Dobies funeral home old c r 54 new port richey, Dobies funeral home Congress street new port Richey, Meadow lawn memorial gardens Madison street New port richey.

This is so pretty !!

New port richey florist funeral flowers for dobies funeral home congress street new port richey and dobies funeral home s r 54 new port richey florida. Funeral flowers for Meadowlawn gardens funeral home as well area funeral homes and hospital in the new port richey florist area.

http://newportricheyflorist.com New port richey florist has all the Thanksgiving flowers, funeral flowers, get well flowers and birthday flowers in all the season s favorite colors and varieties. We have began to go into our fall flowers and autumn flowers. New port richey florist is getting geared up for all the up coming Holiday parties and events as well as our usual birthday, anniversary and just because flowers.

We have been posting a lot of foods for the season and now will start bring out out Holiday line up. Thanksgiving and Christmas table arrangements and seasonal floral are in the mist of being created to provide you with some new visual arrangements for this year. We will of course still offer the traditional arrangements and also some very creative additions. New port richey florist will always provide you with the freshest flowers from our farms to your home or recipients home.

We are a true family owned and operated business and we pride our selves in keeping out customers happy. Please remember the closer the Holiday season approaches that you should order your flowers early for the best amount of varieties and timely delivery. We hand deliver all of our flowers and fruit baskets right to the front door and sometimes inside the home if the person needs help placing the product. The colors of fall are upon us at this moment in time and we are so excited to start the season off with our sun flowers and yellow and orange lily. the bronze mums and orange roses.

You do not get much a fall color season in Florida so this is our southern fall with beautiful hues of orange, yellow, bronze, red. We really have so much fun with this time of the year. We do all custom work for our customers as well, if you can think it, we can make it happen!! A new line that we are trying very hard to add to our site is the growing popular fairy gardens.

We are trying to get them made up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A beautiful living garden with some fairy affects pertaining to the season at hand. These will need to be ordered several days in advance to insure we can craft them to your specifications.

This year we are offering some of the most creative different arrangements that we can think of.   A lot of flower shops just do the same old thing and do not like to venture in to new looks for the arrangements.  we think the more unusual the better the piece and people will remember that for sure. So [lease think of us when you want to send some thing a little different then the rest. New Port Richey florist will not let you down.  We take pride in our work so you can get the smiles!!  If you have not tried us yet , Please give us a try.  You will be surprisingly amazed at what we can do for you and your family!!

fresh fall flowers

fresh fall flowers



New port richey florist is a flower delivery florist located in new port richey Florida. New port richey florist is family owned and provides funeral flowers, birthday flowers, get well flowers, anniversary flowers, memorial flowers, wedding flowers, and much more.

New port richey florist delivers flowers to faupell funeral home, dobies funeral homes, pravatt funeral homes, Morgans funeral home, michel and lundquist funeral home and all area funeral homes and churches. We deliver to all local area hospitals such as morton plant, trinity medical and more as well as nursing homes and rehabilitation homes.

We are very picky about what arrangements leave our shop and make sure a timely delivery is done to ensure customer satisfaction. We are truly a family owned and operated family business. You will always speak to a person and for the most part the same person so you do not have to wait in a que to have your order taken. New port richey florist has been with our customers through various changes in their lives and we are very proud to compassionate and empathetic to our customers needs.

We have opened on holidays and evening just to take care of our customers in need of funeral arrangements that did not happen during regular business hours. New port richey florist has been around since the 1950″s and we are still here keeping our customers happy. This summer is almost over and soon fall will begin.

We have the most freshest large variety of flowers in the area and are very proud to have a 5 out of 5 rating on google and facebook. We have worked hard to keep that rating through out the years are very adamant about making sure it stays that way. We do alot of custom work for our customers that do not want the regular cookie cutter arrangements to go their loved one. That is one of favorite things to do is be creative. We are currently looking into making fairy gardens with the dish gardens to be able to send a very unique kind of product for our customers.

Living in Florida we have a lot of customers that are in the later years of their lives and we cater to them as far as light weight, easily mobile arrangements so they can easily move them and water them as needed with out any discomfort. New port richey florist knows that it is the little things that matter, a bow or butterfly can mean a lasting smile and good impression on the recipient! We have a large show room that can accommodate a large family for funeral or wedding planning and we do all holiday parties and events. We have no middle man and do not charge you for every little thing you want. Once we have you as a customer we want to keep you as a customer and not only you but your friends and family memembers as well.

The best advertisement is word of mouth from some one you trust. we have every color rose!!!

New port richey florist service all the areas funeral home such as Dobies funeral home 4910 Bartlet road Holiday Florida,Dobies funeral home 6616 Congress street new port richey Florida, dobies funeral home 8825 old C.R 54 new port richey florida,Faupell funeral home 7524 ridge road port richey Florida. North Meadow lawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison street new port richey florida,Morgans funeral home 6025 trouble creek road new port richey Florida, Trinity memorial 12609 S.R 54 new port richey Florida, Prevatt funeral home 7709 state road 52 port richey Florida, Michel and lundquist funeral home 5228 trouble creek road new port richey florida and other area surrounding crematories.

We also service Trinity medical center state road 54 new port richey Florida, Morton north bay hospital 6600 Madison street new port richey Florida and all surrounding hospitals and nursing care centers in the area. We also service Saint Thomas Aquinas church old CR 54 new port richey Florida, and all surrounding churches in the area. Weather it be a party for fun, a wedding or corporate event or Funeral services, New Port richey florist will take care of all your needs in a timely and professional manner.

We strive for customer service and satisfaction always. New port richey florist has some of the freshest flowers with a wide variety and love to be creative with all our arrangements. We have a top designer that could make a mud puddle look attractive and beautiful!!

We are indeed a local florist brick and mortar business. My mom and grand kids and my self do all the work and answer all the phone calls so you never have to listen to the boring music while on hold to reach some one that only answers phone calls. We understand that you have many choices where to bring your business and appreciate you as a customer.

We are closed on Sundays but if the need should arise for us to come in and meet you for any emergency services we are happy to do so. We also deliver to all area hospitals, North bay on Madison, Trinity medical center, Bayonet point hospital. Gerber and mums standing spray

New port richey florist and flowers for a funeral are getting ready for our Easter holiday with the most fresh and beautiful Easter flowers around!!

New port richey florist handles birthday flowers, get well, flowers, funeral flowers, anniversary flowers, event flowers and more. We have of the most beautiful plants and dish gardens as well as fresh cut flower arrangements for any one on your special lists.

New port richey florist does delivery and set up for parties, homes and hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and more. We have currently stocked up on lily, tulips, rose, hyacinth,daffodils, and every flower you can think of for spring time! We also do weddings and showers. Spring time is just busting with vibrant colors and pastel colors and we have them all!

What a beautiful time of the year, when all things are made new and color boosts around every corner of the garden. I absolutely love gladiolas and lily’s with daisies and babies breath. I love when we get to make up bright fragrant baskets and vases with butter flies and lady bugs. It reminds me of happy carefree days of child hood, when every thing was magical and you knew summer fun was on the way. When I was a kid we used to go out at dusk so we could see all the fire flies out in the evening and we pretend that they were fairies flying around to see who was being good so they could go back and tell the tooth fairy! Crazy things we do as children.

Spring time holds some of my best memories because there was always a fragrance that was in the air and when ever I catch a whiff of it, it just brings me back in time! Baseball would be another reminder as well. Just waiting for the tulips to pop up out of the ground and see the forsythia bushes starting to bud and take on color was just invigorating for sure. I’m sure you all have some of these memories. Please feel free to join our blog and write your story for us. We would love for you to share this with us. Some times just sharing could make you remember more of the good things and less of the bad. Easter time is a time of hope and re birth and it is celebrated differently through the world. No matter how you celebrate it we all know that it is the time for all things to be new and fresh and start over to see the miracles in this world. I have placed a photo with this article of one my favorite floral arrangements to do, it is long lasting, fragrant and stunning. It could be sent for Easter or any occasion that is coming up for that special person to enjoy. I would like to thank all of you for supporting and being customers of the new port richey florist, past, present and future. From our family to yours, have a Blessed and memory filled Easter time! stargazer-lilies

New port richey florist funeral flowers for the tri county area. New port richey florist delivers funeral flowers as well as birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, get well flowers, roses, and any other type of floral products you may need.

We deliver funeral flowers to dobies funeral home old cr 54 new port richey, Dobies funeral home 6616 Congress street new port richey, Dobies funeral home 4910 Bartlett rd Holiday Florida. We also deliver to Morgans funeral home 6025 trouble creek rd new port richey Florida , Michel and Lundquist 5228 trouble creek road new port richey Florida, meadow lawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison street new port richey Florida, Trinity memorial gardens 12609 community drive new port richey Florida, Prevatt funeral home 7709 state road 52 port richey Florida, national cremation services us 19 Hudson Florida,

Saint Thomas Aquinas church old c.r new port richey, life care center trouble creek road new port richey Florida. And all surrounding areas and rehabilitation hospitals, north bay hospital Madison street New port Richey, Trinity medical center New Port Richey , Bayonet point hospital Hudson Florida.

New port richey florist provides you excellent customer service and is always going to be available for a real conversation. You can always reach a person, even if the answering machine comes you can expect a return phone call momentarily. New port richey florist will make sure your flower order is delivered and up to standards to your liking.

New port richey florist is family owned and operated….really and we are very family orientated. We will treat your order and the recipient like we would our own family member.

We do custom, traditional, high style, plants, dish gardens and have a beautiful gift shop so you can add a personal touch to your flowers. Our gift shop includes high end vase keepsakes, angels, knick knacks, tapestries, candles, candy, gift cards for a restaurant and many more choices. just ask us, if we do not have we will certainly try to get it!!

We have silk flower arrangements that will last for many years to come.

We are now getting ready for the fall season and Thanksgiving  time. I love working with all the fall colors and accessories. In Florida we do not get the beauty of the fall season so creating it in our flower arrangements are the next bast thing. We use a lot of fall leaves, wheat, cat tails, reads, cinnamon sticks and all the reds, oranges, rust, and yellows.

Flowers are know to automatically put some one in a great mood and are sure to bring a smile on their face, yes even the mad faces. New port richey florist has seen and sent many of these items out.

We really appreciate your business, we do know you have many choices and will be very happy if we are one of them. We not only want to get your business we want to keep it!!!

Thank you as always and please stay safe and happy!!!!!!!


It is that Christmas flower time of the year again. Everyone gets together and catches up from the past year. We gather around tables with Christmas flowers and send out Christmas flowers to those who have every thing. We set the mood in our homes and business with Christmas flowers and plants.ll the vibrant reds and bright whites bring a room to life fr the seasons festivities. Christmas flowers and things that sparkle are placed strategically around the house and business, to lighten up family activities or to draw the attention of potential customers and on lookers. Christmas at the New Port Richey Florist is magical to me. We get to design and shape many business’ and home parties for the Christmas and New Years season and we do it with the best care and thought about that Flower or plant is going to give the family or business the appeal that is desired for their own personal events. We don’t skimp on the shiny, glittery things either. Gold, silver,red sparkles are every where, including all over us most of the time!!!! A little trick we use that I will share with you ..we add cinnamon sticks to silk flower arrangements or fresh flower baskets to bring in the scent of cinnamon through out the home or office. The visual flowers and the cinnamon scent just scream out the Christmas season is here. For those December Birthdays we have a wide variety of regular colors to make a birthday not disappear among all the Christmas activities so that special is just that. New Port Richey florist is dedicated to serving you and assisting you in all of your event planning, birthdays, anniversaries, get wells, funerals, weddings, babies flowers through out the year. You will always speak to the same people and not have to go through computer ordering or a ton of add on prices just to get what was advertised. We are a truly family owned business and take pride is all we do for you and your family or business. We can be reached all the time and in an emergency will come in to help you. We lookout for our first responders and Military as well as people that are in need. Christmas time is very special to our family and we love to pass some of that along to you and yours. we send flowers out of town and walk in and pick up for a immediate need or event. We also carry Dog house cards for all of you that may find yourself in one!! All kidding a side, we are very thankful to be part of your life’s journey and we know you have many choices. We are glad that you have chosen us to line your path with flowers and happy events. Our shop carries roses, carnations, lily, delphinium, daisies, gerber daisies, cushions, mums,and pretty much all other seasonal flowers. If you need a special order item we can do that as well but you would need to call a few days in advance in order to have the freshest possible flowers. Thank you for being our customer!!!


Pedestal pieces

Pedestal pieces

We have a funeral flowers for dobies funeral home services as well as meadowlawn memorial gardens funeral home in new port richey florida. New port richey florist is the preferred florist of several of the area funeral home and local churches. 3 When ordering funeral flowers for a service or memorial, it so much more personal when you use a local florist and not a wire service or grocery store. New port richey florist can add personal touches to your funeral flower or fresh flower purchase that the order gatherers or other places can do.


You get almost double the size of your arrangement or higher end flowers as compared to say all carnations and daisies. We can add things that made a difference in the relationship you had with the person that pertains to only you. Weather it is a color a flower maybe a picture or a nik nac. We can match different pieces per families.

Picking out the right arrangement could be a very difficult process. We have a coordinator that can help the whole process from start to finish so you do not have to take on all the extra stress at your time of mourning and can spend more time on the more important things like you loved ones.

We also can be reached at all hours. This is a added service for the convenience of our customers. Although we have been discussing funeral flowers, new port richey florist offers all occasion florals such as birthday flowers, new baby flowers, hospital and get well flowers, as well as weddings and anniversaries. We do center pieces for corporate or private events also.

When you are putting together your flower purchases always try to keep in mind if it will take place outside and what the whether will be. Is it going to be in an area with direct sunlight? Do the flowers have to last for several days of the event? All these questions will help you pick and choose the appropriate flower for your needs to get the look and feel you would like to have for your event or occasion.

If it is a specific color or theme , make sure you leave yourself enough time to special order the needed flowers which will take a week or longer depending on the time of year and the flowers requested. Some flowers cost more than other an some flowers last a lot longer than others. Our florist can assist you in all of questions and preparations to make sure you have all you need and your event becomes a lasting memory for all your guests.

These are just some of the services you will get from your local florist. In this world of immediate gratification there are still some things that you can not replace with faster less interaction services and the flower business is one of them. New port richey florist will sit down with you or coordinate over the phone with you all the details no matter how long that takes to make sure it is perfect. We know you have choices…we are going to shot for being your first choice time after time. We do not want your business once, we want it repeated through the years!!


One of the hardest and most important flowers to chose are funeral flowers. A tribute to some one you love is not the easiest thing to do. The emotions are high and there are usually several families you need to make happy. Funeral flowers should reflect the personality of the person they are representing. If their personality was bubbly and colorful you should chose multicolor bright hues. For a more reserved,softer personality, you may want to choose pastels or blush colors. The room the service is held makes a difference as well. The families tributes should be the ones that stand out the most. They should be placed accordingly closed to the casket or the memorial table and be very clearly marked. All the others will be placed besides those. The funeral director will try to place everything accordingly for you. If you have any special request for funeral flowers placement, you should make your wished known a head of time. You could choose to add a picture table with a flower garland for decorations or just add some loose flowers that match with the main color scheme to make the table more visual. Funeral flowers also help the family through this difficult time. The scent and visual beauty is calming to the soul. I like to send large baskets so the family can bring them home to after service get together and brighten the house for the gathering. Some families also send or place the same arrangement they had for the service for the year anniversary or memorial of the departed. This is usually called a “Celebration of life” ceremonial and is becoming more and more popular. A standing spray a couple of vase arrangements and a garland with some loose flowers along the table, pictures and some times candles are placed on and around the memorial table and make a very comforting atmosphere.

It is not May yet, but Mother’s day should take at least a month’s
worth of planning. Mother’s Day is a special day (as it should be) and
you need to start thinking and looking for things to do for mom.
Mother’s day flowers are always a good go-to gift, but what if you can
take that to the next level?

If you are a dad looking to surprise her with your children’s artwork-
here are some ideas for you:

-Create paper/cloth flowers with real flower details

Consider going to your local flower shop, to buy a small assortment of
flowers (make sure to pick colorful ones). With that in hand, suggest
to your children a fun craft day. Encourage them to decorate their
creations with bits and pieces of real flowers. For instance, if they
are creating flowers out of paper, suggest adding some color with real
flower petals.

Another good idea is to make them create paper containers for those flowers.

-Create a flower bouquet holder

Materials you’ll need:

1. Construction paper (square big enough to trace your hand)

2. Scotch tape

3. Scissors

4. Pencil

5. Green long pipe cleaners


Trace your hand on the square of paper. Cut your handprint out-(you
might have to cut your child’s out, if they are making these flowers)
-now you are going to make the petals of the flower. To do this, curl
each finger toward you. Put the end of the finger on the pencil and
roll under all the way to the end. Do all four fingers and the thumb.
Take the hand part and make into a cone with the fingers curling to
the outside. Tape at the bottom of the cone to hold it together. You
have a flower. Time to make the stem. Take the top of the long pipe
cleaner and loop around, then twist. This will make a leaf. Take the
bottom of the flower and attach to the pipe cleaner stem with tape.
Flatten the bottom of the flower and twist tape around flower and
stem. Make several of these flowers with different colors of paper and
you have a paper flower bouquet. To hold them together, wrap a green
pipe cleaner around the bunch. They look nice in a vase. (via

New Port Richey Florist has many years of experience. They carefully
arrange and select Mother’s Day flowers to go with your themes and
ideas at your request; they also take suggestions and give great
advice! You can contact them through Facebook or Twitter, or you could
go by the New Port Richey Florist store in New Port Richey, Fl at this
address: 6835 SR 54. You can also reach them by phone:

Local: (727) 849 – 2222 or National: (800) 749- 5323

Only eight days till Christmas! Did you start thinking about your dinner plans yet? Have you prepared your Christmas cards and presents? Indeed, too many things that are yet to be finished. Amongst all the other preparations, there might be one thing that slipped your mind. Have you thought about Christmas themed centerpieces? Much like thanksgiving, Christmas is not only about spending time with the people we love, but it is also about food. We spend a big chunk of our holiday at the table, eating and enjoying conversations with friends and family. Your best bet is to go with a Christmas flower-themed centerpiece. These are not only the easiest but also the prettiest, and for the most part very economical. You can dress them down, or dress them up, depending on what kind of event you are having. You might want to first take consideration of the kind of table you have. If you have a rectangular table, stick to long rectangular arrangement. Maybe spread some pine needles, holiday greenery, pinecones, and some Christmas tree décor into a thin, long, rectangular container. You can add a candle to add that extra holiday sparkle! If you have a circular table, then use a circular container, maybe a vase with some festive colored-flowers, or a candle and some Christmas décor will do. If you are using a vase, be aware of its stature. If it is too tall, then it might hinder dinner conversations, so make sure to pick something that is not too obstructive. If you see that you Christmas themed centerpiece it too large, and you are not willing to change it up to make it fit, you might consider to arrange a separate table, where maybe you set your side dishes and beverages. Don’t forget that flowers are not only good for delightful table centerpieces; they also make a great gift! You can count on your local florist to help you arrange the ultimate traditional Christmas centerpieces and gift bouquets. We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips, and we do hope to see you around our shop! We love helping you make your house look festive and beautiful with holiday-themed centerpieces and handcrafted gifts. Have a very happy Christmas! The florists at New Port Richey Florist have many years of experience. They carefully arrange and select flowers to go with your holiday theme at your request; they also take suggestions and give advice! You can contact them through Facebook or Twitter, or you could go by the New Port Riche Florist store in New Port Richey, Fl at this address: 6835 SR 54. You can also reach them by phone to their local number: (727) 849 – 2222 or to their national number: (800) 749 – 5323.
Unexpected loss with deep emotions that words can barely express. To help families cope with the shock and agony, flowers offer comfort and express sympathy. Manners and methods of conveying sympathy vary through countries, cultures and religions, but flowers remain fitting tributes to a departed soul. Displayed during the funeral service and remaining after the ceremony, flowers act as aromatic reminders of the departed member who so enriched life’s journey with an inimitable presence. While a personal selection is always best, florists are familiar with the most effective colors and designs. A guidebook on conventional styles of flower arrangements for funerals may also help. Cultural taboos must be observed and good taste observed. A florist can also deliver funeral flowers to the bereaved family without invading privacy. Despite changing trends in funeral services, flowers can be designed to convey the spirit and aura of the person. Talk to the florist about the deceased’s personality and special quirks for a more personalized floral creation that will lend comfort to the grieving family. Wreaths symbolizing the circle of life are the most recognized tokens of condolence. But increasingly, flower sprays highlighted on an easel, fresh flower arrangements in a vase or container, casket sprays and floral designs for inside the casket are gaining attention. Colors are conventionally white, pinks and pastels but red roses or tropical blooms can also convey warmth and depth of feeling. Sometimes, an offering of a potted green, a flowering plant, bonsai or sapling can spark hope and renewal in sorrowing hearts. The very act of caring for a new plant can speed the grieving process and set in the healing. Even after the immediate days of loss, sending funeral flowers after a few weeks can be a good idea. Reassurance and good cheer can be underlined through these offerings and remind the recipients that the departed spirit shines brighter than ever and the reminiscing is shared. Flowers at a funeral are a way of showing sensitivity and commiseration and provide moral support as well as soothe disturbed hearts. Flowers create a hallowed atmosphere that reveres and sanctifies the passing and celebrate life. We practice this at New port Richey Florist   727-849-2222 find us on facebook or follow us on twitter
Funeral Flowers Published: 04/05/2010 by Funeral Home Resource Team When a death occurs, sending funeral flowers can be perplexing. What is an appropriate flower arrangement for a family member, or for people to whom you are not related such as a co-worker? Funeral Flowers are a good way to express sympathy in a way that words cannot. Most religions allow funeral flowers at the funeral or grave-site (it’s perfectly allowable to call and ask the funeral home or church though, if you are not sure of proper protocol). Funeral Flowers show the family that you care and are sympathetic to what they are going through. Most florists will always add a sympathy card to your funeral flower order complete with your contact information on the back that will be recorded by the funeral home. The grieving families will appreciate this so they will know who to send acknowledgments to. Here are some tips for choosing funeral flowers: • Simple and elegant is usually the best way to go. • Anyone may send floral baskets or living plants. They are especially appropriate when the sender had a closer relationship to the bereaved than to the deceased. • Sympathy baskets, sent to the funeral home or the bereaved’s home, are appropriate when sent by family, or those who had a deeper, or formal relationship with the deceased. • Floral wreaths, crosses, and sprays, available in many sizes, are appropriate when sent by anyone other than those not acquainted with the deceased. The exception to this would be associations that would like to honor the deceased for service during their lifetime. • Floral arrangements known as tributes are generally chosen by good friends or family members. You may memorialize someone by choosing a special design based on an aspect of their personality, their occupation, an association membership, or a hobby. • In the case of cremation, much depends on whether a funeral service is planned. If so, you may choose a tribute arrangement or any other type of arrangement not reserved for family members. If there will be a memorial service at the bereaved’s home, or if there will be no services at all, it is more appropriate to send an all-occasion type floral basket arrangement. • Follow the wishes of the family. Oftentimes, you will see a directive in an obituary or funeral notice that indicates that the family desires a donation to a charity or something else along these lines in lieu of flowers. If this is what the family desires, then follow their wishes. • You can also send live plants to the family. This is a lovely way to remember the deceased- and allows a living memorial to the families loved one (assuming someone in the family will tend to it properly). It’s especially fitting if the deceased was an avid gardener. Funeral flowers come in all shapes and sizes and can fit every budget. Many florists have websites where you can select and order your flowers, but if you don’t see any that you care for, or that are in your budget, call a local florist directly. They will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect funeral flower arrangement or gift.
I made this awesome blanket for a casket cover out of star gazer lilies, purple roses and leaves. I never did ti before but it came out gorgeous. We matched up some fire side baskets with it and a alter piece and it looked stunning. The lady that passed used to garden and her kids said that no matter where they lived, even apartments she would always grow the roses and lilies. Some times she had to grow them in a flower box out side the window or in a very small space so she would have a dwarf rose bush and small lily plant but they always bloomed like crazy the kids said and gave them fresh flowers on the table about four times a year. Spring time she would add some gladiolas and call it her GRAND garden! Her kids told me all about her for a while before we finally decided on the final product. I had my work cut out for me because I take someones last goodby very seriously, it had to be perfect. The morning I had to set up the church for them one of the daughters meet me there. She saw all the flowers and colors and ribbons and said her mom would be smiling down on us, ity was exactly what they wanted for her. She showed me some of the pictures they were putting up and I could not believe some of the flowers this woman grew in very hard ares and space. She truly was one of the last true gardeners of her time…amazing woman and kids. I am honored to have the privilege of creating that for them.
Flowers and Moods The positive impact of flowers on people’s moods A recent study in the UK shows how flowers bring about positive changes in people’s moods According to behavioral research conducted  in Scotland, nature provides us with a simple way to improve our emotional health and that is flowers. The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of satisfaction and affects people’s behavior in much more positive ways than has been previously believed. “The most exciting thing about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way,” said Dr David Purdie, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Strathclyde University and lead researcher in the study. Research Findings A team of researchers looked at the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a 9-month study of participants’ behavioral and emotional responses to receiving flowers. The results clearly show that flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of moods. * Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. All participants in the study expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal and occurred in all age groups. * Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Specifically, participants in the study reported feeling less depressed and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.But not only is the flower itself, but also we must consider how that gift is presented. Thus, if presented a bouquet of flowers in which the link between the flowers go to the left means that the sentiments expressed concern to the sender, while if it goes right, refer to the recipient. Thus, the color red is a symbol of care, uplifting and therefore is considered a color passionate. The study also explored where people display flowers in their homes. The arrangements were placed in areas of the home that are open to visitors – such as hallways, sitting rooms and dining rooms – suggesting that flowers are a symbol of sharing. “Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room,” said Dr. Purdie. Also, giving flowers is a great way to express what is within us, without losing the detail and which do not have to spend much money, and although its duration is not permanent, intent, dedication and care select stay forever.


Wild Roses >by Harry McGee >In the dawn of creation, roses had five petals – and so they remained throughout pre-history. The simple, single, sweetly-scented rose is the essence of the rose – a thing of beauty – a joy forever. The musk and eglantine of Shakespeare’s experience, and the gallica Burns compared to his love, had five petals. And they were survivors – hardy and healthy in their environment. >We call them wild roses, yet they have such evocative power as to move Edward MacDowell to compose a tone poem “To a Wild Rose”. His contemporary, Ellen Willmott devoted a part of her life to them in the writing of her scholarly work The Genus Rosa. In it she described 154 wild or species roses. It was ably illustrated by artist Alfred Parsons. Poets, composers, authors, artists and an empress – all these were drawn to wild roses. Our garden, Rosebank, is home to several and I would like to interest you in sharing their enjoyment. >There are three native Canadian wild roses that I would recommend for that special place in your garden. The first isRosa acicularis, the emblem of Alberta, a modest little plant covered with soft prickles which blooms earlier in the spring than all other roses except ‘Father Hugo’. About a metre (39 inches) high its simple pink flowers are followed by scarlet hips which birds consume before winter. If your soil is acidic, it will need the encouragement of a little horticultural lime to remind it of home. And if it feels very comfortable, it will sucker underground. These can be dug out and given to your friends to begin new plants. >The second I have valued for a long time is Rosa blanda. It is also called the Hudson’s Bay and Labrador Rose. It has the remarkable quality of being nearly thornless, and has passed that characteristic to its progeny ‘Thérèse Bugnet’. They both share the rich mahogany red colour of their newer canes. This is a modest growing shrubby rose not exceeding four feet and it blooms a bit later than acicularis. That is fortunate because it can be used in flower arrangements at rose shows. >A few years ago, in my home rose show, I registered to enter the decorative class for wildflowers. I took the antique pitcher from my family’s washstand set; it is big! I cut three branches from blanda and held them erect in the pitcher with a puff of poultry netting. Then from our roadsides I filled it airily with colour compatible yarrow, wild phlox etc., and trained purple vetch aimlessly over the edge. A sprig of blanda flowers inserted in a flower pick camouflaged with a bit of sphagnum was laid on the table close to the pitcher. It hit the judges right. Try it. It was a very satisfying, expansive, unsophisticated celebration of nature, but by the end of the day blanda was beginning to shed pink petals on the show table. >The third wild rose I can recommend is Rosa nutkana. Tallest by quite a bit, be sure to place it near the rear of your garden. In its third year, mine grew to eight feet. Its blooming time is between acicularis and blanda, and has the largest flowers. Peter Beales of Norwich, England, says in his book Classic Roses, Holt Rinehart and Winston, NY, 1985 “I grow to like this species more and more”. Later in his Roses, Henry Holt, NY 1992 he admits “one of my favourite species”. Its new wood is mahogany punctuated with relatively few spines. It is native on the west coast of our country. >All these roses bloom in clusters, and then produce clusters of attractive scarlet hips which in the case ofblanda and nutkana hang on all winter. I put a floodlight on them at Christmas. >One of the most attractive features of these roses is their autumn leaf colouring. When September rolls around these roses are busy turning their foliage to orange and gold. You know then that they are getting ready for a Canadian winter; all the water in their cells moves out so it doesn’t destroy the cells when the water freezes. I look around to see which modern hybrids are doing the same and I know then which are winter hardy. >Where can you get these roses? Depending on where you live you may find them in the wild. I brought my acicularis home from a visit with my grandchildren in the Chilcotin area of BC. Blanda and nutkana I ordered from Pickering Nurseries, 670 Kingston Rd. Pickering ON L1V 1A6. Mr. Joseph Schraven and his son Joel have built this business since the former came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1950. Their second name is reliability. Over 800 roses, modern, antique and rare, are listed in their catalog. >In the next issue, I plan to recommend several roses which are noted for their single or nearly single flowers – some are non-native species, some are shrubs, some are even hybrid teas. >© Harry McGee 1996 – published with permission from The Rosebank Letter, No. 4, March 1996 and minimally abridged by the author
Funerals are very mournful occasions, and they symbolise the care the survivors have for the life bygone. A lot of planning is required to organise a funeral service for our departed loved ones. One of the many tasks involves arranging funeral flowers for the wake or memorial service. Due to the sensitive nature of the occasion, utmost care needs to be taken to choose the appropriate flowers. Funeral flowers tend to reflect the personality of the deceased. Sometimes they are symbolic of the relationship that existed between the survivor who is arranging the funeral service and the deceased. Your choice in flowers can show your love and respect for the deceased person. What type of flower should be chosen? – Rose – Carnation – Lily – Gerbera Daisy – Aster – Delphinium – Gladiolus – Chrysanthemum While roses and carnations are considered classic and traditional, a more contemporary funeral flower arrangement combines two or more types of flowers to create a unique and beautiful style. What is the correct colour to pick? – Flowers can have a great effect on the moods of people. The mere presence of flowers can lift the spirits of a gloomy person. The colour of funeral flowers varies with individual preferences. It ranges from darker shades like purple to brighter ones like yellow. More often than not, we see funeral flowers in soft, pastel, and muted hues, rather than in loud and glaring tones. – The colour of funeral flowers also depends on the venue of the funeral service. In a funeral home with collared halls, a large white wreath might look quite breathtaking. But this may not be the case if it is placed in a white church or a funeral home. Adding a dash of colour might provide some respite from the already gloomy surroundings. What is the appropriate flower arrangement to choose? – Funeral flower arrangements can be both formal and informal. Formal floral arrangements include wreaths and crosses. While flower covered crosses are appropriate for Christian funeral services, wreaths can be used in almost all kinds of funerals. – Informal flower arrangements for funeral services can include baskets, cut flowers, potted plants, posies, pedestal arrangements, bouquets, planters, headstone flowers, casket lid floral arrangements, sprays, and even a bunch of floral sticks tied with a ribbon. Many a times, sprays are placed over the deceased’s casket. Crosses, bouquets, and wreaths are generally used as displays. These are arranged around the room or hall in which the funeral service takes place. Flowers have the ability to make the ambience soothing and lighten the mood of the mourners.In recent times, custom-made funeral flower arrangements have become increasingly popular. There are florists who specialise in creating arrangements that reflect the personality of the deceased. Different patterns, designs, and styles can be juxtaposed to create a unique funeral flower arrangement which will be a real tribute to the deceased. Funeral flowers are perhaps the most elegant and simple way to pay our respects to the departed soul. Some times it also good to send a basket or vase arrangement that a family memeber may be able to take or home or allow other family members to do so.

ARRANGEMENTS, FUNERAL SPRAYS, FUNERAL FLOWERS, FLOWERS FOR FUNERAL, NEW PORT RICHEY FLORIST, NEW PORT RICHEY FLORIST, ROSES Flower arrangements can be sent directly to relatives, or to the funeral home organizing the burial. Choose funeral flowers that are pretty, respectful and appropriate for the occasion. Choosing and Sending Funeral Flowers The timing for sending flowers can be immediate, or even a few weeks after a person is laid to rest. Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers some time after the funeral and the burial can be a good way to keep the deceased’s memory alive. Make the flowers personal by choosing sympathy flowers that the deceased enjoyed. If he or she loved roses, send a bouquet of their favorite color. If they enjoyed the outdoors, ask a florist to put together a collection of wild flowers and greenery. Let the Florist Help with your Funeral Flowers Use the experience of the florist you are ordering the flowers from. Florists put together funeral flowers every day, and can probably offer guidance on what is tasteful as well as special. Do not use glass vases for the flowers you send. While they may look pretty, many funeral homes prohibit the glass in the viewing areas. Again, consult the florist on how the flowers should best be arranged. Putting together a basket or a bowl of selected flowers is a good way to make a beautiful display that is within the regulations of standard funeral parlours and burial sites. Flowers are still acceptable and appreciated during cremations. Cremations are growing in popularity. Even though there is not a casket, flowers are still a good way to celebrate the life of a deceased person. When buying sympathy flowers, think about the person’s life and how he or she would most like to be celebrated. The best way to choose the right funeral flowers is to talk to an experienced florist. Cultural norms are different depending on religion, geography, and lifestyle. Those in the funeral business understand all the nuances better than their customers.When we lose a loved one, it can be an emotional and confusing time. Having a professional guide you through the process can be a welcome help

NEWPORT RICHEY FLORIST, FUNERAL FLOWERS, FLOWER FOR FUNERAL,NEW PORT RICHEY FLORIST, NEW PORT RICHEY FLORIST, FLOWER FOR FUNERAL, FUNERAL FLOWER, NEW PORT RICHEY FLORIST, NEW PORT RICHEY FLORIST, FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS, SYMPATHY FLOWERS, FLOWER FOR FUNERAL Funeral flowers express a feeling of life and beauty and can offer much comfort to the bereaved family. During times of grief, flowers send a gentle message of hope, encouragement and sympathy. It’s a proper way for people to send funeral flowers to let those who’ve lost someone know they care. Floral arrangements designed specifically for funeral services are arranged with such a display in mind. A simple bouquet may be arranged decoratively in a basket that can stand on a floor or table. While the larger funeral flower arrangements come with their own stands and can be used at the front of the room or at the entrance. Typically funeral flowers are used to decorate around the casket or photo of the deceased. But some are also used as decorative elements throughout the funeral home or location of the memorial service. Ultimately, you can place the arrangements wherever you desire. The most elaborate display of flowers can include gladiolas, chrysanthemums, and roses woven over a form to create shapes such as hearts, crosses, or wreaths. The costs range and will vary depending on the size and arrangement of the floral piece and florist you choose. If the funeral home is arranging transportation of the body from its facility location or the church to the cemetery, generally they will also transport the flowers. You may want to check with the funeral home to ensure they include the floral arrangement transportation. Otherwise, you will need to bring an additional vehicle or designate someone to transport the funeral flowers to the grave site. It is becoming more common today for the bereaved families to ask that friends and relatives make contributions to a favorite charity in lieu of giving flowers. These requests are often noted in the obituaries and death announcements found in the local newspaper. Decide how you would like to address the flower gifts ahead of time before you make the death announcement so you can include it in your announcement before the memorial service. Funeral flowers are still a beautiful way to decorate for the service. If budget is a concern, consider making your own arrangements, cut flowers in a vase or pick plants from your own garden if they are in season. You can also designate this task to a close friend or family member. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1929602

Introduction to Flower Color Meanings Creating a beautiful garden is like painting a picture in living color. Gardening for pleasure as well as gardening to grow food is an almost universal human occupation. Achieving color harmony, contrast and effective color combinations in the garden is a fascinating art. Flower colors can have specific meanings even for the same flower. For example, a red tulip has a different meaning than a yellow tulip. However, there are general garden color meanings that can guide the creation of a garden for a symbolic purpose. Gardens can be created in honor of a loved one who has passed on or as a celebration for a special event such as an outdoor wedding. Knowing flower color symbolism and fascinating facts about different types of flowers will give your garden a whole new level of meaning! Learn about the tradition symbolism associated with each flower, where the flower originated, how to best grow each flower and other key information in other articles indicated below. And the next time you are planning a garden, don’t forget to consider the flower color symbolism of different flowers. By doing so, you can create a garden that is a conversation piece as well as a beautiful sight to see! Knowing garden color meaning can also add a new dimension to any garden.

The meaning of flower colors in gardens are indicated below: Meaning of Garden Colors: Red Flowers Red flowers are stimulating and eye-catching. Red flowers create movement and drama. Red flowers symbolize cheerfulness and happiness. Red flowers include poppies, poinsettias, day lilies, tulips, pansies and zinnias. The color meanings of red includes pleasure, desire, vitality, will to win, love of sports and the survival instinct.

The “warm” colors red, orange and yellow are considered to be stimulating colors. Meaning of Garden Colors: Orange Flowers Orange flowers raise the spirits and reflect the joy of sunshine. Orange flowers symbolize warmth, fire, energy and vitality. Orange flowers include marigolds, day lilies, nasturtiums, and calendula.

The color meanings of orange are creativity, confidence, intuition, friendliness and the entrepreneurial spirit. Meaning of Garden Colors: Yellow Flowers Yellow flowers are the heralds of spring. Yellow flowers symbolize the clear away of the winter and stimulate clear thinking. Yellow flowers include daffodils, crocus, iris, day lilies, cone flowers, dandelions and chrysanthemums. The color meanings of yellow are enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sense of humor, fun, optimism and intellectuality. Meaning of Garden Colors: White Flowers

White flowers symbolize purity, contemplation and innocence. Many night-flowering plants are white, symbolizing the feminine energies of the moon. White flowers include lilies, alyssum and baby’s breath. Use white to give breathing space in your garden from the intensity of bright colors demanding attention. White means purity, inner illumination and spirituality. White softens the sometimes harsh impact of red.

Meaning of Garden Colors: Pink Flowers Pink flowers symbolize love and healing from grief, anxiety or emotional trauma. A rose garden is the quintessential pink garden. Other pink flowers include chrysanthemums, irises, daylilies, camellias, azaleas, carnations and dahlias. Pink is related to warmth and love, gentleness, beauty, and an outward orientation.

Meaning of Garden Colors:Blue Flowers Blue flowers symbolize the peace of ocean and sky. Blue flowers are cooling and calming. Blue flowers include irises, asters, bluebells, hyacinths, anemone, bachelor buttons, forget-me-nots and morning glories.

The color meanings of blue are related to freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue skies mean optimism and better opportunities. Blue symbolizes water, the source of life. Meaning of Garden Colors: Purple Flowers Purple and violet colors soothe the mind and nerves. Purple helps to relieve tension and dissipate anger and violence.

Purple and violet flowers include lilacs, violets, sweet peas, foxglove, lupines, alium and crocuses. The color meanings of violet are the psychological quality of transformation, transmutation and the balance of power and love. Additional meanings include charisma, charm, magical abilities and tolera

New Port Richey Florist, Birthdays, Flower for funeral, get well, New Port Richey Florist, New Port Richey Florist, New Port richey Florist, FLOWER SYMBOLS MEANING FRIENDSHIP Flowers express the essence of friendship. Flowers can express all of the subtle variations in affection, love and true caring between old and new friends. Flowers that mean friendship in the language of flowers are listed below. Those with more information elsewhere on this website are included in the links in the following table. Acacia Meaning Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning Iris Flower Meaning Geranium Flower Meaning Honeysuckle Flower Meaning Arbor Vitae Flowers Meanings The symbolic meaning of arbor vitae is unchanging friendship. Periwinkle Flowers Meanings The symbolic meaning of periwinkle flowers is early friendship or the pleasures of memory. Snowdrop Flowers Meanings The symbolic meaning of snowdrop flowers is a friend in need and hope. For more on flower symbolism, see our recommended books from Amazon below : Kate Greenaway’s Language of Flowers Folklore and Symbolism of Flowers, Plants and Trees The Language of Flowers: Symbols And Myths The Language of Flowers The Meaning of Flowers
As people are turning away from chemical ingredients in everything from cleaning products to beauty products, they are also turning to chemical-free foods by growing food in their own backyards. In order to keep your homegrown produce as free from harmful chemicals as possible while keeping crop-destroying pests to a minimum use natural pest control methods.  As a last resort, you can turn to organic pesticide–just make sure all the ingredients are listed and they are all things you are not afraid to put on your food. Preventing pest problems before they start is the best way get ahead of the problem (http://eartheasy.com/grow_nat_pest_cntrl.htm). You can do this by following some commonsense guidelines, such as pulling out any weak or already infected plants, building healthy soil to nurture strong plant growth, disinfecting tools after working on infected plants and minimizing breeding grounds for pests by getting rid of non-essential areas of the garden that might serve as a habitat. It is also useful to interplant and rotate crops because it will stop spreading or reinfestation of the many pests that are specific to one type of plant. Fight nature with nature Naturally attracting beneficial insects to your garden is one way to fight pests. These insects will prey on plant-damaging pests or their larvae and promote a healthier environment for your crops. Different predator species have different prey, so the type of predator insect you want to promote in your garden will depend on the type of pest problem you are dealing with. Two commonly used predator insects include ladybugs and lacewings. (http://eartheasy.com/grow_nat_pest_cntrl.htm). Ladybugs eat whiteflies scale, mites and aphids and are attracted to tansy, members of the daisy family and yarrow (http://eartheasy.com/grow_nat_pest_cntrl.htm). Lacewings are also attracted yarrow as well as goldenrod, asters and black-eyed susan. They eat aphids and their larvae eat aphids as well as other varieties of insects. University of Rhode Island Horticulture Program recommends dedicating five to ten percent of your garden space to growing flowers for beneficial insects like lady bugs and lacewings (http://www.uri.edu/ce/factsheets/sheets/beneficialinsects.html). URI suggestion for annual flowers to encourage beneficial insects: Spring: alyssum and buckwheat Early summer: coriander, dill, yarrow and buckwheat Mid-summer: coriander, fennel, dill, caraway, black-eyed susan, yarrow and dwarf sunflowers Late summer: coriander, dill, black-eyed susan and dwarf sunflowers Fall: alyssum, buckwheat and dwarf sunflowers Homemade pest deterrents If pests are still problematic homemade pesticides may provide the solution (http://www.motherearthnews.com/Organic-Gardening/1994-02-01/Guide-To-…). Ants, for example, are deterred by vinegar and coffee grounds, aphids by garlic and cayenne pepper, and slugs by eggshells. There are as many different home pest concoctions as there are pests. Using garlic and onions, according to Mother Earth News, is just one way to kill aphids and apple borers, for instance. All you have to do is grind up raw onions or garlic into a puree, soak it warm water overnight and strain. The liquid can then be sprayed on roses, fruit trees, and flowers (http://www.motherearthnews.com/Organic-Gardening/1994-02-01/Guide-To-…). Commercial pesticides Organic pesticides will often use ingredients similar to those in the homemade kind and have the added benefit of convenience. But consumers beware, just because a pesticide is labeled organic or natural does not mean that it is harmless to the environment. A 2010 study from the University of Guelph revealed that some organic pesticides can have a higher environmental impact than conventional pesticides because the organic product may require larger doses. “We found the mineral oil organic pesticide had the most impact on the environment because it works by smothering the aphids and therefore requires large amounts to be applied to the plants,” said Rebecca Hallett, professor of environmental sciences at the University of Guelph in Canada (http://bit.ly/d5S6fx). Organic pesticides on the market often also only list active ingredients. But the active ingredients only comprise 1-2 percent of the solution, leaving 98-99 percent unknown. Nearly 4,000 inert ingredients–including several hundred that are considered hazardous under other federal rules–are used in agricultural and residential pesticides, according to Environmental Health News (http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/inert-ingredients-in-…). “In terms of making pest management decisions and trying to do what is best for the environment, it’s important to look at every compound and make a selection based on the environmental impact quotient rather than if it’s simply natural or synthetic,” said Hallett. For those who do want to use organic pesticides, one that is effective against a number of pesticide-resistant insects and does not harm beneficial insects is neem oil. Also, being that it is biodegradable, it does not leave a residue on the final produce. Nature Neem offers a 100 percent cold pressed neem oil http://www.natureneem.com/index_fichiers/Neem_oil_cold_pressed.htm), so there are no other ingredients. Because it is oil it requires an emulsifier in order to mix with water, but it is possible to use household hand washing or dishwashing soaps. Pharm Solutions Inc. is a company that also sidesteps the unknown ingredients pitfall by listing all ingredients on the label. Its Veggie Pharm insecticide and fungicide (http://pharmsolutionsinc.com/veggie_pharm.html) is made with the pure oils of cottonseed, garlic, peppermint and rosemary. The inactive ingredients include non-GMO canola oil, food grade oleic acid, and USP grade glycerin and carbonic acid monopotassium salt and carrot juice, and the remaining 83.3 percent is water. It has the added benefit that an emulsifier is already added, so it is ready to use. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032276_gardening_natural_pesticides.html#ixzz210t68V2i

Flower care

Care for alsromerias Astromelia or alstroemeria – as it is known scientifically – or in South American culture as Flor Amancay itself is a beautiful flower of the high Andes Mountains of Peru is also named internationally as the Peruvian Lily.

Astromelias are plants that reproduces only in favorable environments and although it is a long-lasting flower after being cut much care must be taken to preserve their beauty and their beautiful colors. Here we will offer some advice on how to maintain the beauty of astromelias: * Try to keep constanly in water or watered , Astromelia is a flower that needs a lot of water because it is dry Keep an eye on the growth of flower stalk Cut each stem at least an inch so that it has a chance to grow more quickly and easily. * Remove dead leaves left in the bottom of the flower bed. * When you put Astromelia flowers in a vase, try mixing water with a tablespoon of sugar and a small cup of soda. Camelias Camellias are flowering plants of the genus Camellia and family Tracheae. There are several hundred species, all native to tropical Asia. These shrubs, whose height ranges from 1 to 10 meters, are evergreen, that brings out their abundant flowering. The camellia flowers are single or double. Classification of Roses The classification of types of modern roses can be very confusing because many modern roses have a lot to do with types of garden roses. Here we bring you a list of the most popular classifications of modern roses. Rose polyantha: Originally derived from crosses between two species in East Asia. Flower Power It was in 1965 that the American poet Allen Ginsberg came up with the term flower power and recent research shows that blooms really do spread happiness and joy that people beck then believed. Significance of Flowers The significance of flowers Gifts are personal expressions of our feelings for each other. People in most countries of the world consider flowers to be the best gift to express love. Guy’s Guide to Flowers A GUY’S GUIDE TO GIVING FLOWERS For the man who is untrained in the art of buying and selecting flowers for different occasions for his girlfriend these tips should help:Being Spontaneous helps!  women are used to receiving flowers on birthdays and International Women’s Day. Customizing Floral Gifts When it comes to flowers that grow in the garden, many people overlook the beauty that flowers can provide.In today’s world most people are looking for uniqueness. Because of this gift-givers have to now spend more time finding the gifts they give. Purple is dramatic, flamboyant and unusual. It is the color most used among lawyers, clergymen and psychiatrists, with which it would not be bad gift for them, the liantris, phalaenopsis orchids and African violets. Edible Flowers EDIBLE FLOWERS! Flowers that are both beautiful and delicious! Edible flowers aren’t new to the world, however most diners have been rather afraid of garnishes made out of fresh flowers. Flowers and Moods The positive impact of flowers on people’s moods A recent study in the UK shows how flowers bring about positive changes in people’s moods According to behavioral research conducted at Strathclyde University in Scotland, nature provides us with a simple way to improve our emotional health and that is flowers. Flower Care Since antiquity, flowers have been a noble way to raise awareness and convey feelings. The language of flowers has its origins in the East and has been passed from generation to generation and from culture to culture, to ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, until the Romantic era, this era that had its peak .Considering these historical roots, there is a popular language associated with flowers and a choice for every ocasión.La red rose stands for love, yellow for friendship, white fear, indecision, pink, white camellia friendship unchangeable. Flowers Meaning THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS The famous Russian professor, Illya Shevelyov once said: “Flowers given by loving people will never fade.” The meaning of these words is deeper than it may seem.


I love roses. All the colors and variations of the roses. I love the little spray roses to. When we make a rose arrangement we like to mix the colors because they work so well together. Did you know that roses have certain meanings. The red rose of course means love. The yellow rose means friendship(my best friend George would always give me that one when we were kids!) The white means purity. If you mix certain colors you are actually telling a story to the recipient with the roses! Red and white roses mixed say our love is pure. Red and yellow mixed says I love our friendship. Yellow and white says our friendship is pure. You get the idea. When you add different flowers and colors you can get a different meaning.  Kinda like the for me knots, did you know that each petal on them has a meaning there are five. One means peace, tranquility, love, compassion, the last is “Don’t forget to do all these things for me” You can really tell a story with flowers  that’s why my logo is “say it with flowers” because you really can. From the time you are born someone has already gave you flowers through your mom. Then through your life you will receive them for certain milestones and occasions. Since time began flowers have been around and people love to go where they are just to look at them. We make gardens and go to gardens to fill our senses with the flowers. You ever notice how nice and content you feel standing in garden in bloom? Pictures are another thing we love to have flowers in. You ever go to theme park and strike a pose with the flowers in the back ground?? HAHA It’s ok, I think we all have. So we have gone through the birth and living years and finally you receive flowers when you pass over. People will usually pick the flowers that most remind them of you. I have had many people sit down and try to explain what they want to say and how. They are always amazed just how well we pull it off and send exactly what they wanted. We are one of the best when it comes to funeral flowers because to me, thats the last thing you will say to that person on earth,so we make sure they are PERFECT!
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Florist in New Port Richey, Florida provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Florida: Our shop serves the following areas in 34655, 34669, 34673, 34667, 34674, 34652, 34355, 34656, 34654, 34674, 34667, 34655, 34668, 34669, 34653.Florida: New Port Richey. Trinity, Odessa, bayonet point, Port Richey , Hudson and many more areas.

FUNERAL HOMES Meadow lawn memorial Gardens, Trinity memorial, Prevatt, Doobies, Faupell, Moss Fester, Morgan, Grace memorial and many others. Please call for delivery areas

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