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The new port richey florist services many of the local funeral homes in the area such as Dobies funeral home old C.r 54 new port richey, Meadowlawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison street new port richey, Morgans funeral home 6025 Trouble creek road new port richey, Michel and Lundquist 5228 trouble creek road new port richey, Trinity memorial gardens 12609 memorial drive new port richey, faupell funeral home 7524 ridge road new port richey.

New port richey florist has been servicing these local funeral homes and churches for 50+ years and have always taken the utmost importance in filling these very emotional and meaningful orders. New port richey florist understands that this is your last gift and tribute to the person that has passed on to the other life and will be sure to make sure it is beautiful and fitting for your last shared sentiment. We also have many customers that order birthday, wedding, get well , new baby and congratulations bouquets. We make these very bright and cheerful to fit the occasion as well as made to value.

Florist new port richey. We know that life does not just happen between the hours of nine to five so in any case you can always call 727-849-2222 and some one will answer the phone, not a computer or a call center. You will reach me and I will be happy to handle any emergencies that come up with your floral planning. We do ask if its a wedding to please come in and go over exactly what you need but If you loose someone and can not get any one to open for you please call us.

We make it very private and have lots of room for all family members to sit down together and make the plans in a relaxed atmosphere. It is so important to have some one that is not going to try to talk you into things that you don’t really need and we are very budget friendly as well. You are the one that knows your financial means and we can follow your lead.

Please tell your friends about and write a google review if we assisted you in the past. We would love to have your feed back and opportunity to show you what a real family run florist can do for you. These days its all wire services that just want to make you spend more money for less flowers and terrible customer service. Cut out that middle man and deal with your local florist directly and I am quite positive you will be much more happy with your purchase and the customer that person will give you. www.newportricheyfloristinc.com

christmas-green-centerpiece silver-bells all-aglow christmas-cheer Very-Merry elegant-presents sweet-sentiments birthday-blush birthday-time lavender-blooms birthday-bliss lavendar-surpriseChristmas flowers New port richey florist

New port richey florist is off to a good start. New port richey florist has some of the prettiest Christmas flowers this year. Weather it is Christmas flowers,birthday flowers get well flowers anniversary flowers funeral flowers that you need for flower delivery the New Port Richey florist is here to help and make those memories stand out for you. We have dish gardens European gardens poinsettia plants in every color and size and we can add a few of our specialty touches to bring it alive and make it a very visual statement.

We service Trinity medical center, morgans funeral home, Saint Thomas Aquinas church, Dobies funeral home on sr54, Dobies funeral home on congress street, Dobies funeral home on bartlet road,Trinity memorial gardens, Meadowlawn memorial garden, National cremation society in hudson, faupell funeral home on ridge road and many more.

We have fresh cut flowers and do flower delivery all over the area, including business.

Our Christmas flowers are so beautiful and farm fresh. We have peppermint carnations, red carnations, white as snow carnation, roses in every color, orchids,lilys, and so many more!

New port richey florist can make any custom arrangement from 20.00 to 600.00. We like to make our arrangements different from every one else by using some of the prettiest adornments in the industry. We use butterflies, lady bugs, glitter sparkle sticks, bamboo ribbons and bows and picks. we have made flower arrangements with fishing poles, hammers, lips,and golf clubs! We love to have someone come in and give us a personal item to incorporate in the arrangement and let us get our creative on.

For our Christmas flowers we use pine cones and snow, candy canes, ornaments and glitter. When the flowers are gone they have these little adornment to pack away till next year so they think of you again and again.

This year is our first year at this location and we did a big window with santa and snow flakes hanging from the ceiling with red bells and reindeer. Of course our Nativity set is front and center for all to see when they pass by. We have an annual Christmas day parade in the middle of December and everyone comes out for the candy canes and floats as they go down a 10 mile stretch right past our shop.

We also go orchard ridge nursing home and other area adult facilities and bring some warm wishes and Christmas carols to the residents there, I think we enjoy it a little more than they do .

If you are a corporation and getting to order for all of your staff call the New port richey florist and let us come up with a Christmas package to suit your company needs. You will not be disappointed. We are one of the few shops that are really family owned and operated and you will get a person on the line not a call center that does not care about you as we would. We have taken flowers right to some one and assisted them with other things. We are really trying to make a difference in how customer service is viewed.

We hope you choose New port richey florist for all your floral needs.


New Port Richey florist has been very busy getting all our Thanksgiving and Christmas flowers ready as well as Birthday flowers, Funeral flowers, wedding flowers ready to go. We have recently moved to 5424 Main Street in New port richey and have a larger show room. New port richey florist services dobies funeral home on congress street , Dobies funeral home on old C.R 54, Meadow lawn memorial gardens on Madison avenue, Morgan funeral home Trouble creek road, Nation cremation funeral home on Us 19 Port richey.

New port richey florist staff knows that the Holidays are hared enough for some people so we aim to make them as easy as possible.

We all know them people that have every thing and it is very hard to give them a gift. Why not send fresh flowers? They are never the same and always appreciated when someone receives them. Brighten up their Thanksgiving table and make sure they feel your presence even when you are not there. Fresh flowers say volumes to people, when every thing in quiet in those hours to reflect they will look at the Beautiful fresh flowers and know that you thought about them and made a few moments in your bust schedule to think about them and send some love and cheer.

We also have an extensive gift shop with specialty vases and angels. We now also carry Blue Mountain art cards and magnets that have very meaningful sayings on them beyond what we just think and not really say to some one.

In this day and age it is very important to get back to the simple pleasures and meaning of thoughtfulness. We offer mesh wreaths and custom arrangements.

This year is very special to us, because we have had some hard family losses that got us back to ground level again. Things in life can change in a moment and then the moment you waited for to tell or show someone what you feel has passed.

We are going to make sure your family members and friends are treated like our family. We will make flower arrangements to remember and be very eye catching.  Its nice when someone walks in the room and says”wow, those are beautiful flowers.”  

We deliver all over the county and some times beyond if it is necessary and can also be reached after hours and on weekends if the need arises for you to contact us.

Please keep the New Port richey florist in mind for all your parties and events that will be coming up. We are truly a brick and mortar family owned shop. You will reach  a person and always receive personal attention to your needs.  You can see our work at our website www.newportricheyfloristinc.com.

We appreciate your business and would love to take care of all of your floral needs.

Your friends at the New Port Richey Florist in New Port Richey Florida.

fresh fall flowers

fresh fall flowers

It is that Christmas flower time of the year again. Everyone gets together and catches up from the past year. We gather around tables with Christmas flowers and send out Christmas flowers to those who have every thing. We set the mood in our homes and business with Christmas flowers and plants.ll the vibrant reds and bright whites bring a room to life fr the seasons festivities. Christmas flowers and things that sparkle are placed strategically around the house and business, to lighten up family activities or to draw the attention of potential customers and on lookers. Christmas at the New Port Richey Florist is magical to me. We get to design and shape many business’ and home parties for the Christmas and New Years season and we do it with the best care and thought about that Flower or plant is going to give the family or business the appeal that is desired for their own personal events. We don’t skimp on the shiny, glittery things either. Gold, silver,red sparkles are every where, including all over us most of the time!!!! A little trick we use that I will share with you ..we add cinnamon sticks to silk flower arrangements or fresh flower baskets to bring in the scent of cinnamon through out the home or office. The visual flowers and the cinnamon scent just scream out the Christmas season is here. For those December Birthdays we have a wide variety of regular colors to make a birthday not disappear among all the Christmas activities so that special is just that. New Port Richey florist is dedicated to serving you and assisting you in all of your event planning, birthdays, anniversaries, get wells, funerals, weddings, babies flowers through out the year. You will always speak to the same people and not have to go through computer ordering or a ton of add on prices just to get what was advertised. We are a truly family owned business and take pride is all we do for you and your family or business. We can be reached all the time and in an emergency will come in to help you. We lookout for our first responders and Military as well as people that are in need. Christmas time is very special to our family and we love to pass some of that along to you and yours. we send flowers out of town and walk in and pick up for a immediate need or event. We also carry Dog house cards for all of you that may find yourself in one!! All kidding a side, we are very thankful to be part of your life’s journey and we know you have many choices. We are glad that you have chosen us to line your path with flowers and happy events. Our shop carries roses, carnations, lily, delphinium, daisies, gerber daisies, cushions, mums,and pretty much all other seasonal flowers. If you need a special order item we can do that as well but you would need to call a few days in advance in order to have the freshest possible flowers. Thank you for being our customer!!!
Only eight days till Christmas! Did you start thinking about your dinner plans yet? Have you prepared your Christmas cards and presents? Indeed, too many things that are yet to be finished. Amongst all the other preparations, there might be one thing that slipped your mind. Have you thought about Christmas themed centerpieces? Much like thanksgiving, Christmas is not only about spending time with the people we love, but it is also about food. We spend a big chunk of our holiday at the table, eating and enjoying conversations with friends and family. Your best bet is to go with a Christmas flower-themed centerpiece. These are not only the easiest but also the prettiest, and for the most part very economical. You can dress them down, or dress them up, depending on what kind of event you are having. You might want to first take consideration of the kind of table you have. If you have a rectangular table, stick to long rectangular arrangement. Maybe spread some pine needles, holiday greenery, pinecones, and some Christmas tree décor into a thin, long, rectangular container. You can add a candle to add that extra holiday sparkle! If you have a circular table, then use a circular container, maybe a vase with some festive colored-flowers, or a candle and some Christmas décor will do. If you are using a vase, be aware of its stature. If it is too tall, then it might hinder dinner conversations, so make sure to pick something that is not too obstructive. If you see that you Christmas themed centerpiece it too large, and you are not willing to change it up to make it fit, you might consider to arrange a separate table, where maybe you set your side dishes and beverages. Don’t forget that flowers are not only good for delightful table centerpieces; they also make a great gift! You can count on your local florist to help you arrange the ultimate traditional Christmas centerpieces and gift bouquets. We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips, and we do hope to see you around our shop! We love helping you make your house look festive and beautiful with holiday-themed centerpieces and handcrafted gifts. Have a very happy Christmas! The florists at New Port Richey Florist have many years of experience. They carefully arrange and select flowers to go with your holiday theme at your request; they also take suggestions and give advice! You can contact them through Facebook or Twitter, or you could go by the New Port Riche Florist store in New Port Richey, Fl at this address: 6835 SR 54. You can also reach them by phone to their local number: (727) 849 – 2222 or to their national number: (800) 749 – 5323.

 Christmas is almost here. We all love this season; it is simply the best time of the year. So, you’ve got your tree in place, and maybe a few other decorations, some lights here and there. But have you ever thought of throwing in some Christmas- inspired flower arrangements? I often find that there is a lack of floral arrangements amongst the common Christmas décor. If you are DIY fanatic and a floral arraignments lover, then Christmas is one of the best holidays for you to make the best use of your love and talent for both DIYs and flower arrangements. Working on DIY Christmas decoration projects is not only fun but also economical and safe. Unlike outdoor lighting decorations hung from a roof, indoor decoration using natural elements is not a dangerous, and you can even spend some time working with your kids. Also, we want to emphasize that these are neither hard not expensive to make. If you ever go down to thrift stores, you will find vases, trays and round Christmas ornaments for way cheap. All you need to do, though, is go to your local florist and pick out the flowers. Those who are still not finding ideas for Christmas flower arrangements, do not hesitate consulting your local flower shop, and also the internet. are always good places to get inspired. Let’s get creative this year! New Port Richey Florist has gathered a few DIY Christmas ornament involving fresh flowers! Here are some photos for inspiration. Noticed that we picked some decor arrangements that weren’t in line with Christmas colors. We found one with pink orchids, some with pine needles, and others with some red or yellow flowers. I think it is important to be open to color, and not just red and green. It will give your home and personal taste an edge! We will be back in a few days with more photo-inspirations for your Christmas flower decor


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As promised, we are back with more inspiration for your thanksgiving table décor! But before that, we are going to go over some important tips that might help you make decisions about what type of thanksgiving centerpieces might fit you best. Pick something that fits To create the best look for your holiday, you must select a centerpiece that suits the shape and size of your table. We all know that tables get filled up pretty quickly during turkey day, so we must have that in mind when finding a fitting centerpiece. If you will be eating your Thanksgiving meal on a round table, a basket, vase, or round centerpiece may be the best. If your dining table is rectangular, a longer rectangular centerpiece may provide more room for your guests to feast on! What if you have no room for a centerpiece on your main dining table? If you are hosting dinner on a smaller table, an arrangement placed on a sideboard or serving table can be a good alternative. Here are some ideas for your centerpieces! Cranberry Thanksgiving centerpiece cranberry-flower-centerpiece2 Whether you fancy huge sunflower blossoms or love colorful punches of autumn mums, you can transform your simple flower centerpieces into more elegant Thanksgiving decorations by adding colorful cranberries- put the flowers of a tall glass container and you got yourself a beautiful and small-sized centerpiece. (via AllParenting) Mason Jar –Flower Thanksgiving Centerpiece Centerpiece-for-Thanksgiving-at-thebensonstreet.com_ All you need is a smaller sized mason jar, a charger plate and flowers of your choice. Place the mason jar on the charger plate and add some garland. For the finishing touch to make the charger plate stand out, I placed it on a gold candle holder. (via the benson Street) Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece 21 If you have a long, wooden rectangular container around, this might your centerpiece! All you need is some pine needles, a couple of small pumpkins, and lemons; you are then ready to go! (Via The Dodge Sisters) Pumpkin and roses thanksgiving Centerpiece 9 If you are feeling like working a bit extra, get yourself a few pumpkins, open them up and use them as a vase for some beautiful roses. (Via The Dodge Sisters)  
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thanksgiving brings out all kinds of joy, however, it can also brings out a whole lot of stress. We love the holidays, as we get to spend time with out loved ones, and have delicious food, but we also have to think about how to, and when cook the meals, and decorations, which can also be laborious. It all comes down to planning. Having to do the work become ten times less extraneous if we just plan, or just have an idea of what we want to do. Today we are here to talk about centerpieces. We all love our thanksgiving table to look magical, and extra special for our family and friends. It is safe to say that Fresh flower arrangements create a beautiful centerpiece on any table. There are so many options available at local florists and in grocery stores. You can make your own arrangement with purchased flowers and added greenery from your yard. This two-part blog post will serve as an inspiration- you can take some ideas from here and worked them in your own home! Here are four centerpiece ideas: baskets-l Grapes and roses Centerpiece This centerpiece idea is great when you want to fil a long table without spending a lot of money. A collection of baskets, which you can get at a thrift store, (they don’t have to be matching), can easily be transformed into a festive centerpiece. You can fill these with red grapes, or ant other season fruit and some fresh red roses. pitcher-centerpiece-l Pitcher Centerpiece Go to any thrift store or outlet store and get yourself some pitchers, get some decorative cloth napkins or hand towels to transform. Some seasonal flowers or berries and some greenery from your yard, and you are ready to go. pilgrim-hat-centerpiece-thanksgiving-craft-photo-420-FF1102TABLEA02 Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece I’m sure one of your kids has a costume hat you can use. If you find it, decorate it accordingly, and fill it with potted mums or other fall flowers. This fun centerpiece will top off your Thanksgiving table in a fitting fashion. carnationtower-l Cranberry Carnation Pyramid To create this look, try stacking different sized plates and saucers, add some carnations and some apples and/or berries to give it a fancy touch. Keep it colorful and playful! Keep an eye for the upcoming post; we will be giving you some more inspiration for your thanksgiving centerpieces! All photos and information via All You. The florists at New Port Richey Florist have many years of experience. They carefully arrange and select flowers to go with your thanksgiving theme at your request; they also take suggestions and give advice! You can contact them through Facebook or Twitter, or you could go by the New Port Riche Florist store in New Port Richey, Fl at this address: 6835 SR 54. You can also reach them by phone to their local number: (727) 849 – 2222 or to their national number: (800) 749 – 5323.      

New Port Richey Florist has served the community for 26 years. They are currently one of the oldest and more successful shops in the area. The flower shop specializes in wedding bouquets, holiday arrangements, and funeral flowers, however, they take in any ideas you may have. As a family owned business, New Port Richey Florist is always looking to expand their horizons in order to fulfill their customers’ needs. They personalize most products, so if you have some personal objects you would like to add to a flower arrangement, have no doubt that they will make it work! New Port Richey Florist offers a wide selection of flowers and gifts, from Valentine’s Day roses, to tasteful sympathy flower arrangements, to gift baskets, and Mother’s Day flowers, they do it all. No matter what the reason is, whether it’s your anniversary, or the birthday of a friend, New Port Richey Florist can provide beautiful arrangements that will fit your budget and time frame. Trust that New Port Richey Florist will deliver flowers and gift baskets in the New Port Richey and surrounding areas within your needs. You can also pick-up the order at our stores at your convenience. The flower shop is run by a mother and daughter duo. The family oriented business is well established in the community, therefore they have worked with many local events; they’ve even helped out the local high schools pick out corsages for their prom night! They recently expanded the variety of services, and they are now offering custom silk arrangements for special personalized gifts.  They offer special occasion rentals [wishing wells, and candle stands], and they make custom baskets with fruit candy, toys, books, candles and whatever else you provide them with! You can also order your arrangement through the New Port Richey Florist website. Look through the wide assortment of bouquets for any occasion, make your decision at home, or you can go in and have consultations with the experts! They will give you ideas that will fit both your budget and the occasion you are gifting for. New Port Richey Florist promises to have the very best in fresh flowers and design aesthetic. They have a wide variety of floral bouquets for you to choose from, and they can also design one just for you. Whether you order online or by phone, you can depend on New Port Richey Florist as one of the most experienced florists in New Port Richey, Fl. Call Anytime to Order: 727-849-2222

New Port Richey Florist, Finest Floral Designing & Gift Shop

New Port Richey Florist can create beautiful flower arrangements and gifts suitable for all of your gift-giving needs. As the New Port Richey florist, we can deliver flowers to New Port Richey,FL and surrounding areas, with same day flower delivery available. we can also make deliveries nationwide through other local florists. New Port Richey Florist does traditional as well as custom work for all your floral needs.

New Port Richey florist, has a wide selection of flowers and gifts, from Valentine's Day roses to tasteful sympathy arrangements to gift baskets and Mother's Day flowers . No matter the reason, whether it’s your anniversary, birthday or well wishes New Port Richey Florist can provide beautiful arrangements to suit your budget. Trust New Port Richey Florist to deliver flowers and gift baskets in New Port Richey and surrounding areas.

At New Port Richey florist,ordering is easy and secure. Look through the wide assortment of bouquets on our website to find the right flower arrangement or gift basket for your occasion. Consider adding a gift card to the movies or dinner with your flowers to make it that much more special and personal.Call our shop when you need the freshest flowers and gift ideas in New Port Richey.

New Port Richey Florist has the very best in flowers We have a wide variety of floral bouquets for you to choose from or we can create a custom design that’s just right for your special occasion. Whether you order online or by phone, you can depend on New Port Richey Florist as one of the most experienced florists in New Port Richey FL.

Florist in New Port Richey, Florida provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Florida: Our shop serves the following areas in 34655, 34669, 34673, 34667, 34674, 34652, 34355, 34656, 34654, 34674, 34667, 34655, 34668, 34669, 34653.Florida: New Port Richey. Trinity, Odessa, bayonet point, Port Richey , Hudson and many more areas.

FUNERAL HOMES Meadow lawn memorial Gardens, Trinity memorial, Prevatt, Doobies, Faupell, Moss Fester, Morgan, Grace memorial and many others. Please call for delivery areas

If you want fresh flower delivery in New Port Richey, Call us or shop our site.

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