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Fall is here and we are Thankful!

Fall Flowers sunflowers and roses fall mix


The fall season is in full bloom at the New Port Richey Florist this year We have fall flowers in gorgeous bronze , rust, deep oranges and vibrant crisp yellows in this line of Thanksgiving flowers, Birthday flowers, Get well flowers and fall flowers.   The fall always seems to boast of the more earthy colors. The reds, oranges and yellows are amazing enough. If you add some purple its gibes it a whole new look.  When ordering your Flowers from New Port Richey Florist , keep in mind to order and plan your fresh flower decor a couple of weeks in advance.

Fresh cut Flowers are made to order by hand.  The lasting floral arrangements can allow you to enjoy your floral decor for weeks If you order the longer lasting flower mix.  Fall mums and carnations will last the longest. 

For memorial services or funeral flowers. The tropical flowers and hardy fall flowers are always a very warm and rustic look.

We will add some vegetables and cat tails or wheat to our flower arrangement to give them extra depth and eye appeal.  The whole Ora in a room can be changed by adding some large full, colorful, fragrant flowers in a vase or basket.  We like to add cinnamon sticks through out our house to have the scent of the fall.  I always remember my mom putting out a big bowl of the seasonal fruits and making fruit baskets for the neighbors. New port richey florist like to keep those type of days in mind when we design our fresh flowers.

I do love the deep orange roses that come in this season. They are just amazingly beautiful this time of year.

Please try to order from a family owned and operated Business this year and always. New port richey florist has been in business for more than 50 years. We also  own www.tonniesflorst.com.   We value your business and hope to have you and your family as life long customers.

The custom work do can include all different things. I recently have had a family for a funeral come in and have me make a lobster bake bucket, a sail boat custom window box and a lobster crate trap.  All including fresh cut flowers in fall colors. On a piece was for the sign in table and the other two were for the table with the urn on it.  This was a bit of some serious creativity to glue all these items on the appropriate item and allow all of the personal effects to be seen clearly, but it did turn out awesome!! 

Some times the best thing is seeing some joy in a persons face, that you know is going a very emotional difficult time. Just to take a little of the pain away , even for a brief moment, makes my day a better day for sure.  These things show people that they do matter. We are happy to do it!!  remember to order early so you get the day that you want for your flowers to arrive!!!













New Port Richey florist is getting ready for fall flowers and Thanks giving!! New Port Richey Florist smells the autumn in the air and it is just invigorating!!  We have the freshest largest selection of all your fall flowers and colors!! Orange, yellow, bronze.  Mom said she wants it to feel like a old pumpkin patch around here. We are also getting a lot of Hudson flower shop people. We welcome all of you.

New Port Richey florist has a wide variety of flowers for all your floral needs. New Port Richey Florist services all local funeral homes , churches and hospitals. We are a preferred florist of Trinity memorial gardens , Dobies funeral home in New port richey , Dobies funeral home in Holiday, Dobies funeral home in  New Port Richey, Meadow lawn memorial gardens, Michel and lundquist funeral home, Faupell funeral home, morgans funeral home and many more.

We are currently working on living fairy gardens to have sent to your loved ones homes.  We are so excited to make these living make believe pieces that will win even the saddest over to a smile. 

Fall flowers and Thanksgiving flowers are ordered and will be spectacular. We have all you floral needs for any upcoming event your family or place of employment may have plans for . New port richey is very reasonably priced and family owned and operated. This means you will reach and speak to the same person when you call and mom is in the back keeping everyone on track.

I decided this year to include a lot of butter flies and lady bugs as little added details the make our flowers stand out more.

From yellow and orange roses and lilies to vibrant purple statice and wax flowers. Sun flowers and mums, carnations. Birthday flowers, event flowers, sympathy flowers, fresh flowers arranged and delivered right to the door. 

New Port Richey florist realizes that what you ordered means a lot to you and your recipient.  We also realize that you may not be able to order these during your working hours. You can reach us in the evening time for your convenience up until 7 p.m. in the evening time. 

If you should need an appointment for services we are available to meet you at the shop or via the phone any time you are need of us after hours and weekends and holidays.  We really try to accommodate our customers and are sure to give to what you needed or as close as possible in all of your orders.

We are one of the last family owned florists in the area.  We want to be your florist as well as your family and friends.

We are starting to get our fall flowers!! Orange lily and roses, bronze fugi mum’s and all the fall colors! Orange, red bronze,.  I love to decorate with the fall leaves and pumpkins all around the shop and my home. In Florida you do not get any of the fall beauty so we are so excited to bring out all the decorations and live flowers for the season. Summer sounds fun all the time but when the holidays come…not so much. Join us in our fall celebrations and send some fall flowers to your friends and family .

Funeral flowers, Dobies funeral home New Port Richey flowers. Faupell funeral home flowers, Prevatt funeral home meadow lawn memorial flowers.

We have mothers day roses, lily, tulips.   Mothers day flowers are the best!  Our mom’s do a lot for us and have all our lives.   Even if it’s not your mom you know some one who treat’s you like a mom would and they should be holding a big bunch of beautiful fresh Mothers day flowers for this year. 

New Port richey florist has the freshest, large variety of flowers in the new port richey area and we deliver to all adjoining areas.  We honor all or mothers this year by putting together some of the prettiest flower arrangements for the holiday.  Show mom how special she is and send her a basket full of fresh vibrant blooms and butterflies, mixed roses in yellow, purple, pink, red, orange with lush greens in a vase.  The options are endless and the colors are just gorgeous.   This Mothers day New port richey florist want’s to be your one stop shop.  We also add gift cards to your order of your choice and denomination for movies or restaurants so mom can have flowers and dinner when she wants to!!

We are very detail oriented and add details such as big bright bows and ribbons, butter flies, lady bugs and more.  When you order a dozen roses from New Port richey florist, we add sparkle sticks and big bright bows to make it a stunning visual presentation for you recipient to show off to all their friends!! 

Let New Port Richey Florist become your preferred florist and help with all your floral needs now and future.  We are family owned and operated.  You will always get the same people on the phone and are able to access us after regular business hours and on weekends and evenings for emergencies.

Mothers day is a very special day.  We do not always tell or show our mom’s just what they mean to us. This is a perfect opportunity to shine and make sure she knows.  It does get very busy and we have several people out there delivering your flowers to look the way they do when they leave here so please be patient for the delivery to get there.  The earlier you order the earlier it will get there.  We ask that you are mindful of that and if at all possible, order early.

We here at the New Port Richey florist want to thank you in advance for your continued business and wish all our mothers out there a vary safe , happy, healthy Mothers day full of love and laughter and enough pictures and memories to last for many more years to come!!

As for you Mom, you are an amazing loving mother and person…I could never be who I am with out you.  You mean the world to me mom and I could never put into words just how much you are loved and needed!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


We are the number one florist for funeral flowers with a creative and artistic feel. We have Mothersday flowers also. We service Dobies funeral home on Congress street, Dobies funeral home old county road 54 as well as Meadow lawn memorial gardens, Michel and Lundquist on Trouble creek, Morgans funeral home, Faupell funeral home on ridge, road and many more.   New port richey florist Make beautiful flowers for a funeral or any occasion. New port richey florist delivers flowers right to the door to ensure that they are fresh and received promptly.

New port richey florist understands the emotions and grief that you are going through and we will open our doors in the evenings and on holidays if needed for a family to have the comfort and privacy to choose the floral display for their loved one.  Every one is unique and different. New port richey florist realizes this and also will do our best to customize any arrangements for the best remembrance of the departed loved one.

We can add in special items that matter to them or family members Delivery and set up for a service is free.  We want to try to help with the over whelming task of planning while your grieving and are very competitive in prices.

We do memorial services, in home and church and out door services. Let our staff create the service and floral visual you would like to give to your loved one. Memory boards are often  used in services and memorials. We can make garlands to surround the boards to give them the personal touch, add some of the same flowers scattered on the table and a couple of candles and the room will burst with aviance  and serenity.

New port richey florist uses several types of some of the lushest greenery to give the arrangements a beautiful depth to them.  It matters what greenery is used in each piece because it can give it a totally different look and feel.

We do standing sprays , large fire side baskets and casket sprays as well as vases and pedestal pieces.  The colors can go from pastel to vibrant to monotone.  We use the higher end farm fresh flowers for all of our designs and arrangements .  New port richey can also be reached in evening times by calling any of our phone numbers because we realize some times things happen out side of the regular business hours. We offer this convenience to our funeral customers exclusively for planning purposes.

We hope you keep us in mind for all of your other occasions as well. Remember New port richey florist is a American family owned and operated business. You will always get the same people on the phone. Just ask us for a appointment time and we will make sure it is good for all your family members.

We appreciate your business and consideration for using us for all your  immediate and future floral needs as well as your friends and family.  From our family to yours, stay safe and have a very blessed day. 


We have all our Easter flowers ready to go

We have an Amazing variety  for funeral flowers. www.newportricheyfloristinc.com funeral flowers. We are ready for your services with gorgeous roses and lily s and every color under the sun!!

We can see that love is in the arranging and choosing  all the fresh flowers to enhance the atmosphere around us.

Roses, roses, roses, they are every where! New port richey Flowers are fresh from the farm and hand picked just for you and your  loved one!! 

We have Sunday hours available for funeral consultations and will come to your home if needed.       

call 727 849 2222


Funeral flowers New port richey florist, Dobies funeral home old c r 54 new port richey, Dobies funeral home Congress street new port Richey, Meadow lawn memorial gardens Madison street New port richey.

This is so pretty !!

New port richey florist funeral flowers for dobies funeral home congress street new port richey and dobies funeral home s r 54 new port richey florida. Funeral flowers for Meadowlawn gardens funeral home as well area funeral homes and hospital in the new port richey florist area.

New port richey florist is a flower delivery florist located in new port richey Florida. New port richey florist is family owned and provides funeral flowers, birthday flowers, get well flowers, anniversary flowers, memorial flowers, wedding flowers, and much more.

New port richey florist delivers flowers to faupell funeral home, dobies funeral homes, pravatt funeral homes, Morgans funeral home, michel and lundquist funeral home and all area funeral homes and churches. We deliver to all local area hospitals such as morton plant, trinity medical and more as well as nursing homes and rehabilitation homes.

We are very picky about what arrangements leave our shop and make sure a timely delivery is done to ensure customer satisfaction. We are truly a family owned and operated family business. You will always speak to a person and for the most part the same person so you do not have to wait in a que to have your order taken. New port richey florist has been with our customers through various changes in their lives and we are very proud to compassionate and empathetic to our customers needs.

We have opened on holidays and evening just to take care of our customers in need of funeral arrangements that did not happen during regular business hours. New port richey florist has been around since the 1950″s and we are still here keeping our customers happy. This summer is almost over and soon fall will begin.

We have the most freshest large variety of flowers in the area and are very proud to have a 5 out of 5 rating on google and facebook. We have worked hard to keep that rating through out the years are very adamant about making sure it stays that way. We do alot of custom work for our customers that do not want the regular cookie cutter arrangements to go their loved one. That is one of favorite things to do is be creative. We are currently looking into making fairy gardens with the dish gardens to be able to send a very unique kind of product for our customers.

Living in Florida we have a lot of customers that are in the later years of their lives and we cater to them as far as light weight, easily mobile arrangements so they can easily move them and water them as needed with out any discomfort. New port richey florist knows that it is the little things that matter, a bow or butterfly can mean a lasting smile and good impression on the recipient! We have a large show room that can accommodate a large family for funeral or wedding planning and we do all holiday parties and events. We have no middle man and do not charge you for every little thing you want. Once we have you as a customer we want to keep you as a customer and not only you but your friends and family memembers as well.

The best advertisement is word of mouth from some one you trust. we have every color rose!!!

New port richey florist service all the areas funeral home such as Dobies funeral home 4910 Bartlet road Holiday Florida,Dobies funeral home 6616 Congress street new port richey Florida, dobies funeral home 8825 old C.R 54 new port richey florida,Faupell funeral home 7524 ridge road port richey Florida. North Meadow lawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison street new port richey florida,Morgans funeral home 6025 trouble creek road new port richey Florida, Trinity memorial 12609 S.R 54 new port richey Florida, Prevatt funeral home 7709 state road 52 port richey Florida, Michel and lundquist funeral home 5228 trouble creek road new port richey florida and other area surrounding crematories.

We also service Trinity medical center state road 54 new port richey Florida, Morton north bay hospital 6600 Madison street new port richey Florida and all surrounding hospitals and nursing care centers in the area. We also service Saint Thomas Aquinas church old CR 54 new port richey Florida, and all surrounding churches in the area. Weather it be a party for fun, a wedding or corporate event or Funeral services, New Port richey florist will take care of all your needs in a timely and professional manner.

We strive for customer service and satisfaction always. New port richey florist has some of the freshest flowers with a wide variety and love to be creative with all our arrangements. We have a top designer that could make a mud puddle look attractive and beautiful!!

We are indeed a local florist brick and mortar business. My mom and grand kids and my self do all the work and answer all the phone calls so you never have to listen to the boring music while on hold to reach some one that only answers phone calls. We understand that you have many choices where to bring your business and appreciate you as a customer.

We are closed on Sundays but if the need should arise for us to come in and meet you for any emergency services we are happy to do so. We also deliver to all area hospitals, North bay on Madison, Trinity medical center, Bayonet point hospital. Gerber and mums standing spray

New port richey florist and flowers for a funeral are getting ready for our Easter holiday with the most fresh and beautiful Easter flowers around!!

New port richey florist handles birthday flowers, get well, flowers, funeral flowers, anniversary flowers, event flowers and more. We have of the most beautiful plants and dish gardens as well as fresh cut flower arrangements for any one on your special lists.

New port richey florist does delivery and set up for parties, homes and hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and more. We have currently stocked up on lily, tulips, rose, hyacinth,daffodils, and every flower you can think of for spring time! We also do weddings and showers. Spring time is just busting with vibrant colors and pastel colors and we have them all!

What a beautiful time of the year, when all things are made new and color boosts around every corner of the garden. I absolutely love gladiolas and lily’s with daisies and babies breath. I love when we get to make up bright fragrant baskets and vases with butter flies and lady bugs. It reminds me of happy carefree days of child hood, when every thing was magical and you knew summer fun was on the way. When I was a kid we used to go out at dusk so we could see all the fire flies out in the evening and we pretend that they were fairies flying around to see who was being good so they could go back and tell the tooth fairy! Crazy things we do as children.

Spring time holds some of my best memories because there was always a fragrance that was in the air and when ever I catch a whiff of it, it just brings me back in time! Baseball would be another reminder as well. Just waiting for the tulips to pop up out of the ground and see the forsythia bushes starting to bud and take on color was just invigorating for sure. I’m sure you all have some of these memories. Please feel free to join our blog and write your story for us. We would love for you to share this with us. Some times just sharing could make you remember more of the good things and less of the bad. Easter time is a time of hope and re birth and it is celebrated differently through the world. No matter how you celebrate it we all know that it is the time for all things to be new and fresh and start over to see the miracles in this world. I have placed a photo with this article of one my favorite floral arrangements to do, it is long lasting, fragrant and stunning. It could be sent for Easter or any occasion that is coming up for that special person to enjoy. I would like to thank all of you for supporting and being customers of the new port richey florist, past, present and future. From our family to yours, have a Blessed and memory filled Easter time! stargazer-lilies

Just gorgeous

Just gorgeous

They say flowers are the best mood enhancer! Birthday flowers, get well flowers, just because flowers and even funeral flowers, make a person feel better just by looking at them.

We have done many flower arrangements and services for people and when we get there they are all stressed out yet as soon as they see the flowers coming in…it changes! Fresh flowers always lift the spirits. Not sure if its the colors or fragrances or both. It is proven that are a mood enhancer. Who could really resist all the colors, purple , yellow, red ,orange, pink.

Bright or light colors has an effect as well. If the colors are vibrant and bright , they immediately put that person in a happier mood, even if you were in trouble!! If they are pastel and light , it will create a relaxing somber mood.

We are a very creative no boundaries kind of flower shop. We like to create and stretch our creativity. New port richey florist keep things to a reasonable price for the product you get and will always stand by our promise to you to make sure every thing goes the way you want it to. If we need to use different flowers or colors for any reason, we make sure you will get the same reaction and always use the flowers that will keep the value of the arrangement right on target. Birthday flowers are vibrant and bright with a full stylish eye pleasing arrangement. We have also added Blue Mountain arts greeting cards to our gift shop.

These cards say the things you wish you could in detail. We use the freshest flower from our local farms and try to use all items made in the USA as much as we can. Some times some one just needs to answer the door or pull up in the drive way and see some beautiful fresh flowers to make their day or even week. Later down the road the memories will pop up in their head and bring a smile to their day. The way the world is now, we all need a little of that every now and again. We have created flowers with golf clubs, fishing poles large pictures and many more personalized affects for our customers to get just the right message to the recipients for them.

We are truly a family run business and give you the attention you need. When we give you a price, we do not do the “add on” thing. We send our arrangements out all dressed up with babies breath and other embellishments with out charging a crazy amount of money. We know there are a lot of places you can go, we do not want you for a one time customer we want you to be long term and tell your friends and family about us knowing we will do a great job.

The one thing that has not changed in this world is still the simple things like doing what you are asked to do and do your best, When our name goes out there we are very careful to make sure its in a good way!

The new port richey florist services many of the local funeral homes in the area such as Dobies funeral home old C.r 54 new port richey, Meadowlawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison street new port richey, Morgans funeral home 6025 Trouble creek road new port richey, Michel and Lundquist 5228 trouble creek road new port richey, Trinity memorial gardens 12609 memorial drive new port richey, faupell funeral home 7524 ridge road new port richey.

New port richey florist has been servicing these local funeral homes and churches for 50+ years and have always taken the utmost importance in filling these very emotional and meaningful orders. New port richey florist understands that this is your last gift and tribute to the person that has passed on to the other life and will be sure to make sure it is beautiful and fitting for your last shared sentiment. We also have many customers that order birthday, wedding, get well , new baby and congratulations bouquets. We make these very bright and cheerful to fit the occasion as well as made to value.

Florist new port richey. We know that life does not just happen between the hours of nine to five so in any case you can always call 727-849-2222 and some one will answer the phone, not a computer or a call center. You will reach me and I will be happy to handle any emergencies that come up with your floral planning. We do ask if its a wedding to please come in and go over exactly what you need but If you loose someone and can not get any one to open for you please call us.

We make it very private and have lots of room for all family members to sit down together and make the plans in a relaxed atmosphere. It is so important to have some one that is not going to try to talk you into things that you don’t really need and we are very budget friendly as well. You are the one that knows your financial means and we can follow your lead.

Please tell your friends about and write a google review if we assisted you in the past. We would love to have your feed back and opportunity to show you what a real family run florist can do for you. These days its all wire services that just want to make you spend more money for less flowers and terrible customer service. Cut out that middle man and deal with your local florist directly and I am quite positive you will be much more happy with your purchase and the customer that person will give you. www.newportricheyfloristinc.com

New port richey florist is off to a good start. New port richey florist has some of the prettiest Christmas flowers this year. Weather it is Christmas flowers,birthday flowers get well flowers anniversary flowers funeral flowers that you need for flower delivery the New Port Richey florist is here to help and make those memories stand out for you. We have dish gardens European gardens poinsettia plants in every color and size and we can add a few of our specialty touches to bring it alive and make it a very visual statement.

We service Trinity medical center, morgans funeral home, Saint Thomas Aquinas church, Dobies funeral home on sr54, Dobies funeral home on congress street, Dobies funeral home on bartlet road,Trinity memorial gardens, Meadowlawn memorial garden, National cremation society in hudson, faupell funeral home on ridge road and many more.

We have fresh cut flowers and do flower delivery all over the area, including business.

Our Christmas flowers are so beautiful and farm fresh. We have peppermint carnations, red carnations, white as snow carnation, roses in every color, orchids,lilys, and so many more!

New port richey florist can make any custom arrangement from 20.00 to 600.00. We like to make our arrangements different from every one else by using some of the prettiest adornments in the industry. We use butterflies, lady bugs, glitter sparkle sticks, bamboo ribbons and bows and picks. we have made flower arrangements with fishing poles, hammers, lips,and golf clubs! We love to have someone come in and give us a personal item to incorporate in the arrangement and let us get our creative on.

For our Christmas flowers we use pine cones and snow, candy canes, ornaments and glitter. When the flowers are gone they have these little adornment to pack away till next year so they think of you again and again.

This year is our first year at this location and we did a big window with santa and snow flakes hanging from the ceiling with red bells and reindeer. Of course our Nativity set is front and center for all to see when they pass by. We have an annual Christmas day parade in the middle of December and everyone comes out for the candy canes and floats as they go down a 10 mile stretch right past our shop.

We also go orchard ridge nursing home and other area adult facilities and bring some warm wishes and Christmas carols to the residents there, I think we enjoy it a little more than they do .

If you are a corporation and getting to order for all of your staff call the New port richey florist and let us come up with a Christmas package to suit your company needs. You will not be disappointed. We are one of the few shops that are really family owned and operated and you will get a person on the line not a call center that does not care about you as we would. We have taken flowers right to some one and assisted them with other things. We are really trying to make a difference in how customer service is viewed.

We hope you choose New port richey florist for all your floral needs.


New Port Richey florist has been very busy getting all our Thanksgiving and Christmas flowers ready as well as Birthday flowers, Funeral flowers, wedding flowers ready to go. We have recently moved to 5424 Main Street in New port richey and have a larger show room. New port richey florist services dobies funeral home on congress street , Dobies funeral home on old C.R 54, Meadow lawn memorial gardens on Madison avenue, Morgan funeral home Trouble creek road, Nation cremation funeral home on Us 19 Port richey.

New port richey florist staff knows that the Holidays are hared enough for some people so we aim to make them as easy as possible.

We all know them people that have every thing and it is very hard to give them a gift. Why not send fresh flowers? They are never the same and always appreciated when someone receives them. Brighten up their Thanksgiving table and make sure they feel your presence even when you are not there. Fresh flowers say volumes to people, when every thing in quiet in those hours to reflect they will look at the Beautiful fresh flowers and know that you thought about them and made a few moments in your bust schedule to think about them and send some love and cheer.

We also have an extensive gift shop with specialty vases and angels. We now also carry Blue Mountain art cards and magnets that have very meaningful sayings on them beyond what we just think and not really say to some one.

In this day and age it is very important to get back to the simple pleasures and meaning of thoughtfulness. We offer mesh wreaths and custom arrangements.

This year is very special to us, because we have had some hard family losses that got us back to ground level again. Things in life can change in a moment and then the moment you waited for to tell or show someone what you feel has passed.

We are going to make sure your family members and friends are treated like our family. We will make flower arrangements to remember and be very eye catching.  Its nice when someone walks in the room and says”wow, those are beautiful flowers.”  

We deliver all over the county and some times beyond if it is necessary and can also be reached after hours and on weekends if the need arises for you to contact us.

Please keep the New Port richey florist in mind for all your parties and events that will be coming up. We are truly a brick and mortar family owned shop. You will reach  a person and always receive personal attention to your needs.  You can see our work at our website www.newportricheyfloristinc.com.

We appreciate your business and would love to take care of all of your floral needs.

Your friends at the New Port Richey Florist in New Port Richey Florida.

fresh fall flowers

fresh fall flowers

The new port richey florist is currently getting all geared up for Thanksgiving flowers and Christmas flowers as well as birthday flowers, get well flowers, anniversary flowers, flower delivering and funeral flowers.

New port richey florist is very excited about the up coming holidays.  We have had many ideas and fall flowers. Thanksgiving is a family time and we love that.  For the holidays our family all gets together at my brothers house for Thanksgiving. We have 67 family members with all the kids and spouses so as you can imagine it takes a lot of preparation and a very large house!!

Kids all over and the laughter that fills the house is the best in the world. You would think it would be crazy but all the kids play nice and some times put on a show for all of us to watch, better then any tv show for sure!

We like to have flower arrangements and candles on all our tables and also send them out to our extended family that can not share the dinner with us. We figure its just kike having us at the table if we send flowers to be on their dinner tables. It kinda makes the miles seem to be less and the memories to be in all their pictures when we see our flowers at the tables.

Every body does the holidays a little different and it all ok as long as its surrounded with the family and friends you truly care for. Lets face it we all only get so many of these occasions to share and spend together making memories that will live on long after we are gone. The stories will reach far in to your family in future years to come.

New port richey florist has been around for a long time and when the kids from the families we did their weddings for and children’s births come in and order and tell us some of their stories from the florist and the memories with our flowers in them, warms my heart. New port richey florist really takes pride in our work and what is behind it, it matters to us that you have what you wanted for what ever the occasion. We stand behind our products and you always reach a real person, not a call center that will take 30% of your money and send it off to who ever they want, that’s not very personal to me.

Most of the time it will create stress and ruin the purpose of the flower delivery and meaning behind it. I will not do business like that ever.

Thanksgiving is a time for just that and giving thanks is easy for me to do because this life has indeed taught me to appreciate the here and now with the people you love because you never know what the year is going to be like. Never take for granted what and who you have.

The New Port Richey would like o wish you and your family a very blessed and love filled Thanksgiving no matter what your plans and situation is.


Thanksgiving pumpkin

New port richey florist has moved to 5424 Main Street in New Port Richey Florida. Funeral flowers, Birthday Flowers, Fall flowers, anniversary flowers, get well flowers, just because flowers, flowers delivery, New Port Richey Florist is ready for all your needs for the up coming holidays and just day to day life happenings. New port Richey Florist has moved to 5424 Main Street New Port Richey and has expanded our services. New Port Richey Florist will be offering a home Consultation if needed service. New Port richey Florist tries to make things easier and convenient for your Floral needs.

We love doing parties and events so please keep us in mind when you planning for your corporate Holiday parties and the personal touch to your Family and close friends.

We still service all the Hospitals in the area like Trinity Medical Center, North bay Hospital, Madison pointe nursing home, Trinity Rehabilitation center, Bayonet Pointe Hospital, Odessa Florida, Port Richey Florida, Holiday Florida, Trinty Florida, Elfers Florida.

We are still the St. Thomas Aquinas preferred florist as well as various other small businesses.

You can reach us after if necessary and can also call for appointments, some after hours available.

We can help plan and make these life moments your own. Our designers have been here for the past four years and have been in the industry for 54+ years and have done some amazing displays. We carry the freshest flowers. We are local and family owned and operated so we are going to take care of you the way you should be.

We have beautiful fall flowers coming in now and that gets us all creative minded for the up coming Holidays. We know things go fast after October starts. Always nice to see all the fall flowers and colors coming into the arrangements again…..seems like it just passed. Florist new port richey Florida.

We would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy upcoming holiday season!!


New port richey florist funeral flowers for the tri county area. New port richey florist delivers funeral flowers as well as birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, get well flowers, roses, and any other type of floral products you may need.

We deliver funeral flowers to dobies funeral home old cr 54 new port richey, Dobies funeral home 6616 Congress street new port richey, Dobies funeral home 4910 Bartlett rd Holiday Florida. We also deliver to Morgans funeral home 6025 trouble creek rd new port richey Florida , Michel and Lundquist 5228 trouble creek road new port richey Florida, meadow lawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison street new port richey Florida, Trinity memorial gardens 12609 community drive new port richey Florida, Prevatt funeral home 7709 state road 52 port richey Florida, national cremation services us 19 Hudson Florida,

Saint Thomas Aquinas church old c.r new port richey, life care center trouble creek road new port richey Florida. And all surrounding areas and rehabilitation hospitals, north bay hospital Madison street New port Richey, Trinity medical center New Port Richey , Bayonet point hospital Hudson Florida.

New port richey florist provides you excellent customer service and is always going to be available for a real conversation. You can always reach a person, even if the answering machine comes you can expect a return phone call momentarily. New port richey florist will make sure your flower order is delivered and up to standards to your liking.

New port richey florist is family owned and operated….really and we are very family orientated. We will treat your order and the recipient like we would our own family member.

We do custom, traditional, high style, plants, dish gardens and have a beautiful gift shop so you can add a personal touch to your flowers. Our gift shop includes high end vase keepsakes, angels, knick knacks, tapestries, candles, candy, gift cards for a restaurant and many more choices. just ask us, if we do not have we will certainly try to get it!!

We have silk flower arrangements that will last for many years to come.

We are now getting ready for the fall season and Thanksgiving  time. I love working with all the fall colors and accessories. In Florida we do not get the beauty of the fall season so creating it in our flower arrangements are the next bast thing. We use a lot of fall leaves, wheat, cat tails, reads, cinnamon sticks and all the reds, oranges, rust, and yellows.

Flowers are know to automatically put some one in a great mood and are sure to bring a smile on their face, yes even the mad faces. New port richey florist has seen and sent many of these items out.

We really appreciate your business, we do know you have many choices and will be very happy if we are one of them. We not only want to get your business we want to keep it!!!

Thank you as always and please stay safe and happy!!!!!!!


 New port richey florist delivers funeral flowers and sympathy flowers all throughout the tri county area.    Some of our funeral home’s include, Dobies funeral home 8825 old county road 54 new port richey Florida 34653, Dobies funeral home 6616 congress street new port richey Florida 34653, Dobies funeral home 9944 Hudson Florida34667, Dobies funeral home Holiday Florida 34690, Faupell funeral home 7524 Ridge road port richey Florida 34668,Meadowlawn memorial gardens4244 Madison street new port richey Florida34653, Morgans Funeral home 6600 Trouble creek road new port richey Florida 34653, michele and lunquist funeral home 5228 Trouble creek road new port richey Florida,National cremation society u.s. highway 19 Hudson Florida 34667, Trinity memorial Gardens 12609 memorial Drive new port richey Florida 34655.

We also do memorial services, set up and delivery, as well as all other necessary preparations needed.

New port richey florist is rated super customer service on Angie’s list and well know for our fresh and gorgeous arrangements locally as well as state wide.

We are family owned and operated, for real.  The owner or the owners family member will be the only people answering our phones, ever. You will not be handed off to a answering service that will never remember who you are and what the occasion means to you and your family.

We are very detailed and particular about anything that goes out of our florist. We want to help you and your family and friends make memories with us forever, not just for the moment. Whether a funeral, birth, birthday, anniversary,just because, shower, get well or any other life event that requires a splash of color in it, we want to take care of you.

We forward our phones every night so if you need a evening conversation to plan a delivery, we can be reached. Our family has resided in the same town in Florida for 43 years.  We are one of the florists that will go to your house if needed to make your preparations in the comfort of your own home. Just another added service for our customers that would rather have family and friends order items in their home.

We will give you the most one on attention that you will find in the industry and are much less expensive that ordering your flowers from the funeral directly.

New port richey is here to stay for the long haul, as many florists are closing due to the wire services and grocer stores getting involved in the flower business.

Mothers day flowers are getting ready to please some of the pickiest mothers out there! New Port Richey Mothers day flowers are some of the most freshest and vibrant in the New Port Richey Mothers day flowers area!! New port richey mothers day flowers also goes to port richey flowers as well as all tri county areas. My mothers day flowers this year are going to be roses lilies daisies alstromeria carnations asters star fighter lilies and so many more! New port richey florist has every color of mothers day flowers available. Mothers daisy flowers new port richey florist is gearing up and getting ready to make some beautiful memories for you and your mom and families. We love being part of your memories. New port richey flowers for mothers day is ready with farm fresh and vibrant flowers and gifts for mom this year. We even added some lady bugs and butterflies, a new line of vases and some unique flowers for any taste palette. New port richey florist has sun flowers as large as salad plates and the color is just amazing!! We have arrangements that will please any one. We are very particular about how things work around here and we are sure to have the freshest articulate arranged flowers in the whole area. Order early for the best dates and times and availabilities and we will deliver right to the door with professional and curtious delivery personnel. Pink purple yellow orange red blue we have all colors and designs that will be different from most flower shops. We do not send out the “cookie cutter” bouquets, our designer captures the essence of each arrangement to make it just “pop” with interest and beauty!! New port richey florist is family owned and operated with the perfect mix of personalities and diversity. Please keep us in mind for all your mothers day flowers and gifts and all of your other floral needs that may pop up in the future. Remember you can always reach us and the only things added are the sales tax and delivery fee. We are very easy to work with and we really do appreciate your business and want to make you a life long customer! Have a happy mothers day to all of you mom’s out there, we are all blessed to have the love of a mother in our lives, I know I am.

Easter and Spring are right around the corner. Spring flowers for Easter tables are at New Port Richey florist. Easter bouquets and spring arrangements, communion time is always the first hint that spring is on the way!! I bet for our northern customers that makes you want t dance in the streets!

We have previewing the in coming Iris and daisies, tee roses and roses and of course our lily, in yellow white orange and pink.

Tulips and larkspur it is all just so beautiful. I love when we come out of the red and pink  part of the year and go into spring and summer.  All the pinks, purples, blues, yellow bright and pastel are so fun to work with again!! Easter lily’s are one of my favorite flowers. Tulips are another.

I remember when I was younger my Aunt would have these spectacular tulips and hyacinth blooming in her garden and I was only 6 or 7 years old and thought my mom should have them. Well I didn’t just pick one ….I picked them all and brought them to my mom. Good thing it was family or I sure would have been having a discussion with my dad that night for sure!!

Don’t wait to order for your families Easter table this year. Just think what fresh flowers will bring to your family celebration.

If you go out to some one else house for dinner and they did all the cooking for you, what a sweet surprise to bring a fresh flower centerpiece to thank them and compliment all the hard work they did on the food table.

Easter time is always special around our house. We would get all dressed up in dresses and suites and have an amazing day with family. Church was special that day because we all knew why we were there.

We would get a sugar egg and if you looked inside it you saw a duck or a rabbit.  I know I am probably showing my age on that one but every Easter celebration we had always had fresh spring flowers on the tables.

We also brought one to church for our Priest and the rest of the church to have their dinner table as well.

Meadowlawn memorial gardens New Port Richey florida, Dobies funeral home new port richey, dobies funeral home port richey, dobies funeral home holiday. Morgans funeral home, faupell funeral home, trinty memorial gardens funeral home.

As always we really appreciate our customers and take care in their needs. From our family to your Happy blessed Easter and we hope you make many memories with the ones you love.


 New Port Richey Florist funeral flowers. We service these funeral homes: meadow lawn memorial gardens 4244 Madison Street New Port Richey Florida 34652 ,Dobies funeral home 4910 Bartlett road Holiday Florida 34690, Dobies funeral home 6616 Congress street New port richey Florida 34653, Dobies funeral home state road 54 New Port Richey Florida 34655, Faupell funeral home 7524 Ridge road Port Richey Florida 34668, Michel and Lundquist funeral home 5228 Trouble creek road new port richey Florida 34668, Grace memorial Gardens u s hwy 19 Hudson Florida 34668, National cremation society U S highway 19 Hudson Florida 34667, Trinity memorial gardens 12609 memorial drive new port richey Florida, Cremation society Grand blvd new port richey Florida 34653 and all local churches.

New Port richey does all custom work to order. We know you can go any where and new port richey florist truly appreciates your business and knows the accuracy of the order matters to you, so it matters to us. New Port Richey has been in business for over 50 years and has always been locally owned and family operated.

New port richey can be reached on evenings, holidays and after hours for emergency reasons and we will come in and open shop if necessary. We have also gone to homes to help make hard decisions easier.  We carry almost every color rose out there and if we do not have it we can probably get it. We do custom baskets to fir your needs, flowers, restaurant gift cards, candles, angels. We have a very nice gift shop with many statues and vases.

Give the New port richey florist a chance to make you memories memorable!!!

We now have a new variety of dish gardens and  are currently working on living gardens….with working features such as a water fall and moving wind chimes as well as tapestries and blanket to comfort the recipient.  New port richey florist is always looking for new ways to bring in ne ways 

We are getting ready for valentines day with red roses pink roses yellow roses tulips, daisies, lily and alstromeria flowers in every color you can imagine!! birthdays, anniversaries,funeral flowers, get wells flowers, thank you and many more


Having a sweet hearts dance, we do corsages that pin on or wristlets. We can make mom and daughter match!! We just need a couple of days in advance for the corsage orders.

sweet-thought-standing-spray What an impression that would make!! We have same day delivery and will make sure all arrangements are fresh and to a higher standard then most of the other florist departments in the grocery stores!! When it comes to the holiday season and you are going to order and send flowers to a loved one, remember to be sure to call in advance and maybe have the flowers or gifts delivered a day or two before so you know that your special someone will be able to enjoy them for longer and not worry about staying home for the delivery.


The New Port Richey Florist is your one stop roses shop. Here at The New Port Richey Florist roses are in full bloom and ready for Valentines day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Funerals, Get Well, and so much more.

Roses are a beautiful fragrant flower that every one loves. We have Long stem roses, short stem roses, mini spray roses. We always keep them in stock of different colors such as red, yellow, light purple, purple, orange, hot pink, light pink, white, we have them in two tones as well. Roses are always a great gift for someone you love or just a friend as well. Every one loves to get roses every now and then. It is nice to see some ones face light up and smile when they receive them. Feels good knowing that some one took the time out of there busy day and thought about you in such a beautiful way that they give you beautiful roses.

The New Port Richey Florist is always here for any and all occasions and or your just because needs. Roses are most popular around Valentines Day. Red Roses and Hot Pink Roses are in high demand on Valentines Day. Christmas is a big red rose and white rose holiday as well. Mothers Day is also a big all color roses Holiday.

The New Port Richey Florist did my wedding in Hot Pink and White Roses and they were the most beautiful elegant bouquets I have ever seen. The center pieces for each table was breath taking in Hot Pink and White Roses in a beautiful hot pink short square vase. The whole day I was happy but just seeing those beautiful hot pink and white roses that The New Port Richey Florist took they time to make so elegant for me put such an even bigger smile on my face. I am so thankful for The New Port Richey Florist For making my wedding that much more beautiful with there beautiful roses. I

would recommend any one and every one to The New Port Richey Florist for any arrangement but especially for the beautiful roses that The New Port Richey Florist keep in stock and make such gorgeous arrangements with. I know the roses put a smile on my face so they will definitely put a smile on the face of who ever receives them. so call new port richey florist all you floral needs roses and more

It is that Christmas flower time of the year again. Everyone gets together and catches up from the past year. We gather around tables with Christmas flowers and send out Christmas flowers to those who have every thing. We set the mood in our homes and business with Christmas flowers and plants.ll the vibrant reds and bright whites bring a room to life fr the seasons festivities. Christmas flowers and things that sparkle are placed strategically around the house and business, to lighten up family activities or to draw the attention of potential customers and on lookers. Christmas at the New Port Richey Florist is magical to me. We get to design and shape many business’ and home parties for the Christmas and New Years season and we do it with the best care and thought about that Flower or plant is going to give the family or business the appeal that is desired for their own personal events. We don’t skimp on the shiny, glittery things either. Gold, silver,red sparkles are every where, including all over us most of the time!!!! A little trick we use that I will share with you ..we add cinnamon sticks to silk flower arrangements or fresh flower baskets to bring in the scent of cinnamon through out the home or office. The visual flowers and the cinnamon scent just scream out the Christmas season is here. For those December Birthdays we have a wide variety of regular colors to make a birthday not disappear among all the Christmas activities so that special is just that. New Port Richey florist is dedicated to serving you and assisting you in all of your event planning, birthdays, anniversaries, get wells, funerals, weddings, babies flowers through out the year. You will always speak to the same people and not have to go through computer ordering or a ton of add on prices just to get what was advertised. We are a truly family owned business and take pride is all we do for you and your family or business. We can be reached all the time and in an emergency will come in to help you. We lookout for our first responders and Military as well as people that are in need. Christmas time is very special to our family and we love to pass some of that along to you and yours. we send flowers out of town and walk in and pick up for a immediate need or event. We also carry Dog house cards for all of you that may find yourself in one!! All kidding a side, we are very thankful to be part of your life’s journey and we know you have many choices. We are glad that you have chosen us to line your path with flowers and happy events. Our shop carries roses, carnations, lily, delphinium, daisies, gerber daisies, cushions, mums,and pretty much all other seasonal flowers. If you need a special order item we can do that as well but you would need to call a few days in advance in order to have the freshest possible flowers. Thank you for being our customer!!!
New port richey florist delivers fresh flowers and is a full service florist in new port richey Florida. Flower deliveries that go out are processed right away to ensure freshness of products and availability at the time of order. New port richey florist delivers flowers to the following funeral homes: Dobies funeral home 4910 Bartlet road Holiday Florida 34690 Dobies funeral home 9944 Hudson Florida 34667. Dobies funeral home 6616 Congress Street in Port Richey Florida 34653 and Dobies funeral home Old Highway 54 New Port Richey Florida 34653. We deliver to Meadow lawn Memorial Gardens located at 4244 Madison Avenue New Port Richey Florida 34652 . Faupell funeral home located at 7524 Ridge Road Port Richey Florida 34668. Grace memorial Gardens 17007 us hwy 19 Hudson Florida 34667. Michel and Lundquist funeral home located at 5228 Trouble Creek New Port Richey Florida 34652. Prevatt Funeral Home at 7709State road 52 Hudson Florida 34667. Morgans Funeral home 6025 Trouble Creek road new port richey Florida 34653. We also service Trinity Memorial Gardens 12609 Memorial Drive Trinity Florida 34655 and National Cremation Society 13011 U S highway 19 Hudson Florida 34667. as well as many other locations including all of Oddessa. New Port Richey Florist does events and Weddings, family gatherings and any other event that requires fresh cut flowers that need to be delivered. New Port Richey Florist Can be reached on a Sunday and evenings by phone for emergency orders.

New Port Richey florist makes beautiful birthday bouquets and anniversary flower bouquets fresh and to order. Want to add some personal touches to your floral order, you can add from our gift shop that includes balloons and figurines, wind chimes and higher end vases to fit any ones needs. You can also add a gift card for a dinner, grocery store , movies, ect. Give us a call and ask, if we dont have it we can probably get it. We also do fruit baskets and gift baskets. Our baskets and items adding gift cards do need to be a day in advance and 3 days during the Holidays.

New Port Richey Florist also handles flower delivery to the local churches from Hudson to Tarpon Springs. Most deliveries are $8.50 to $15.00 and a professional very curtious driver will be delivering your flowers to your recipient. We screen our drivers and make sure they deliver your flowers in the same prestine shape they leave our shop in and are back ground checked. We take our services very seriously and realize you have a lot of tchoices out there and we are priviledged to be yours. We do not just want you to call us one , we want your repear buisness evry occasion year after year.

We can do very “high style” designs as well as everyday. We use a lot of extra adornments to make your flower purchase one of the most memoriable they will receive. We would love to a place in your memory photes for all your events and family members. Lets face we all have people get sick, get better, get married and have babies. New Port richey florist will be sure to provide you a with no stress transaction. You will always reach a person or will be contacted with in an hour from a person. No extra fee”s like you get else where. Give New Port Richey Florist a try just one time and experience what it is like to have a real Family owned Florist at your finger tips!!!



Pedestal pieces

Pedestal pieces

We have a funeral flowers for dobies funeral home services as well as meadowlawn memorial gardens funeral home in new port richey florida. New port richey florist is the preferred florist of several of the area funeral home and local churches. 3 When ordering funeral flowers for a service or memorial, it so much more personal when you use a local florist and not a wire service or grocery store. New port richey florist can add personal touches to your funeral flower or fresh flower purchase that the order gatherers or other places can do.


You get almost double the size of your arrangement or higher end flowers as compared to say all carnations and daisies. We can add things that made a difference in the relationship you had with the person that pertains to only you. Weather it is a color a flower maybe a picture or a nik nac. We can match different pieces per families.

Picking out the right arrangement could be a very difficult process. We have a coordinator that can help the whole process from start to finish so you do not have to take on all the extra stress at your time of mourning and can spend more time on the more important things like you loved ones.

We also can be reached at all hours. This is a added service for the convenience of our customers. Although we have been discussing funeral flowers, new port richey florist offers all occasion florals such as birthday flowers, new baby flowers, hospital and get well flowers, as well as weddings and anniversaries. We do center pieces for corporate or private events also.

When you are putting together your flower purchases always try to keep in mind if it will take place outside and what the whether will be. Is it going to be in an area with direct sunlight? Do the flowers have to last for several days of the event? All these questions will help you pick and choose the appropriate flower for your needs to get the look and feel you would like to have for your event or occasion.

If it is a specific color or theme , make sure you leave yourself enough time to special order the needed flowers which will take a week or longer depending on the time of year and the flowers requested. Some flowers cost more than other an some flowers last a lot longer than others. Our florist can assist you in all of questions and preparations to make sure you have all you need and your event becomes a lasting memory for all your guests.

These are just some of the services you will get from your local florist. In this world of immediate gratification there are still some things that you can not replace with faster less interaction services and the flower business is one of them. New port richey florist will sit down with you or coordinate over the phone with you all the details no matter how long that takes to make sure it is perfect. We know you have choices…we are going to shot for being your first choice time after time. We do not want your business once, we want it repeated through the years!!


New Port Richey Florist, Finest Floral Designing & Gift Shop

New Port Richey Florist can create beautiful flower arrangements and gifts suitable for all of your gift-giving needs. As the New Port Richey florist, we can deliver flowers to New Port Richey,FL and surrounding areas, with same day flower delivery available. we can also make deliveries nationwide through other local florists. New Port Richey Florist does traditional as well as custom work for all your floral needs.

New Port Richey florist, has a wide selection of flowers and gifts, from Valentine's Day roses to tasteful sympathy arrangements to gift baskets and Mother's Day flowers . No matter the reason, whether it’s your anniversary, birthday or well wishes New Port Richey Florist can provide beautiful arrangements to suit your budget. Trust New Port Richey Florist to deliver flowers and gift baskets in New Port Richey and surrounding areas.

At New Port Richey florist,ordering is easy and secure. Look through the wide assortment of bouquets on our website to find the right flower arrangement or gift basket for your occasion. Consider adding a gift card to the movies or dinner with your flowers to make it that much more special and personal.Call our shop when you need the freshest flowers and gift ideas in New Port Richey.

New Port Richey Florist has the very best in flowers We have a wide variety of floral bouquets for you to choose from or we can create a custom design that’s just right for your special occasion. Whether you order online or by phone, you can depend on New Port Richey Florist as one of the most experienced florists in New Port Richey FL.

Florist in New Port Richey, Florida provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Florida: Our shop serves the following areas in 34655, 34669, 34673, 34667, 34674, 34652, 34355, 34656, 34654, 34674, 34667, 34655, 34668, 34669, 34653.Florida: New Port Richey. Trinity, Odessa, bayonet point, Port Richey , Hudson and many more areas.

FUNERAL HOMES Meadow lawn memorial Gardens, Trinity memorial, Prevatt, Doobies, Faupell, Moss Fester, Morgan, Grace memorial and many others. Please call for delivery areas

If you want fresh flower delivery in New Port Richey, Call us or shop our site.

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